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Roxanne Chaput (she/her)


Roxanne is a Globally recognized Luminary, Inspirer, Celestial Guide, Celestial and Generational Earth Shaman, the Creator of The Illumination Retreat TM and the Host of Soul to Soul with Roxanne.

Roxanne’s purpose is to lead beautiful Souls to effectively illuminate their Soul’s Luxuriance.

She has successfully guided thousands of beautiful Souls to connect with their most Divine Essence by teaching them to alchemize and harmonize their internal medicines and experiences so that they can create everything they desire in their life while experiencing sensations of enlightened knowingness, unconditional Love and unwavering inner peace throughout their Journey.

Trust Your Truth Featuring Roxanne Chaput

March 8, 2023

When you’re on the awakening journey, it can feel frustrating when accessing clarity and contentment feels so close and yet so far. In this episode, I spend time with the luminescent Roxanne Chaput exploring the layers of so…