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Love, Love, Love Tracy! She is truly brilliant and has such a beautiful presence. Tracy thank you for gifting the world with your MAGIC. Love, Roxanne xo

Love this!

I loved every minute of my conversation with Tracy. She gets into the real talk about spirit and mysticism and creates a wonderful environment for people's healing gifts to flow. Thank you, Tracy!

Awesome podcast!

Love this podcast! Tracy asks very thoughtful questions and I’m always learning something new!

thoughtful and powerful

Tracy is spectacular. I appreciate her vision and clarity. She's got a whole lot of heart and a whole lot of wisdom.

Incredible host

Tracy is a great host. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. I can’t wait to share the episode with everyone.

Absolutely involved with her audience and her guests

I have done close to 400 podcast over the past decade; Tracy is right at the top for hosts that (a) do their homework about their guest, (b) truly listen and (c) have an engaging dialogue where listeners will truly leave with some golden nuggets of information and a spark of new ideas. Well done!

Excellent host!

I love Tracy’s voice and really enjoyed being on her show. I highly recommend listening to her. ✨

Tracy is insightful and a pleasure to work with

As a guest on the podcast I just want to say that Tracy was so easy to work with in preparing for the episode, she asked great questions and I like how she shares her perspective at the beginning to prepare the listener for the subject matter. Thanks for making it a great experience Tracy!

We love Tracy at The Desert Sanctuary

Real and heartfelt. Diving deep every time

This podcast is truly a Light!

I feel like I am sitting in the room with Tracy with every episode, she really dives in deep to the heart space with her content and the guests she invites onto her show. There is an instantaneous wave of calm energy whenever I listen to an episode, it aligns me back into Light body!


This is a great podcast, Tracy is engaging and with interesting topics, it's worth my listening time!

informational and approachable

Spirituality, yoga, healing and trauma can all feel unapproachable at times. This podcast made me feel welcomed and excited to practice.

Awaken All of Yourself

I have listened to this episode at least three times and have taken notes. Thank you so much for the guidance. I am on the cusp of something new and needed to be reminded to just be in the moment and enjoy the ride.

The voice we need

Tracy’s energy is magnetic. She’ll force you to think, in the best way, and she’s always real and supportive. Can’t wait for more episodes!

Unique podcast that stands out!

"Feelings and emotions are data" -Such an interesting perspective is provided by this podcast!

High Vibes

There are not many people that I can discuss the topics on this podcast. We are all works in progress and can learn so much about despite being spiritual. Love how Tracy shares different takes on this topic.

Love the Grittiness in this Podcast!!

Tracy definitely lives up to her name Gritty Mystic in the best way and loves how raw, authentic & fun this podcast is!! 💜

Just what I needed!

I have always felt that I was put on this Earth to do something great, but I’ve been lost on how to step into that purpose. Tracy gives some excellent advice on how to do that, and I’m ready to try it out!

Take Messy Action!

As a perfectionist in recovery, I really appreciated the "Start Messy" episode. We are on a journey...appreciate the step where we are and keep moving forward.

Feels like she’s speaking to me personally

Every episode brings wisdom, but my favorite is Spring Cleaning our limiting beliefs! So helpful in getting me to realize that we are designed for growth, and some limits keep us safe but some limiting beliefs keep us from developing!


I really relate to this show and enjoy the conversations that Tracy has with her guests. I especially enjoyed hearing Ramses Rodriguez’s story and perspective on life. I love how he says he is not deviating, he’s just on his own path. Inspirational.

It’s a vibe!

A needed conversation, thought provoking, engaging, great energy!

Flipping Limiting Beliefs!

I love the way that Tracy jumps in and gives you tips, tools and techniques to challenge things that we all struggle with. I loved the episode on limiting beliefs. And flipping them on their head. Absolutely incredible content.

Inner Deviant

Love your energy! This is a shareable episode for anyone whose gone through a divorce or for someone who is an introvert wanting to break out of his or her shell! It’s required! Celebrate being bold!

Felt seen and supported

Listening to the conversation about deviance felt so supportive as I reflected on my spiritual awakening and movement from a medical to holistic model of mental wellness. Clearly explained why were scared to be ourselves in our society and why conforming is actually being by off our own authentic path.

Be magic!

This is the sort of vibe we all need to tap into more.


So needed - these conversations and reminders to go after our dreams and make them happen!

I recommend Gritty Mystic!

Thoughtfully crafted and engaging - an insightful approach to intentional work that maintains balance, along with a light hearted nature.


Sheil our Tracy’s conversations- I mean, you will get value from the perspectives she reveals especially as it pertains to our journeys and expansion! 11:11


Love listening to Tracy’s voice! As well the interesting subject matters! Keep many more episodes coming!