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Welcome to Gritty Mystic® Podcast

There’s a massive awakening underway – can you feel it? If you’ve got that nagging tug inside that you’re meant for more, you’re right. If you’re ready to jump the ruts of your routines and feel purpose coursing through your veins, you can. If you ache for profound connection and clear divine guidance to master your moment, I’ve got good news with a chaser of truth talk: What you seek seeks you, but it’s not all love and light. It takes grit and guts to craft your path with purpose. But lovely, it’s SO worth it!

Welcome to Gritty Mystic®, your podcast for the restless and ready to awaken the power to master and direct your life. Or as I like to call it, becoming f*cking unstoppable. Join us for real talk and insightful guests exploring tips, tools, and techniques to become the most authentic and powerful You!

Your Host

Tracy King activates potential.

For more than 20 years she has dedicated her career to designing transformational experiences. She is a master learning designer, professional development consultant, bestselling author, and owns an instructional design agency. Her work synthesizing how brains learn into a model for crafting transformational experiences has been featured on NBC, ABC, FOX, Forbes and hundreds of nationally syndicated television, newspaper, and magazine outlets.

As the Gritty Mystic, an intuitive channel and transformational teacher, Tracy reveals where her clients are in the levels of awakening to take the guess work out of divine development allowing for more "YES!" and less "WTF?!" The goal is to embody your SoulSelf - the same aspiration as the spiritual alchemists of old. The transformational formula she is sharing through her channeling and teaching is to Align, Allow, and BE.

The Gritty Mystic® podcast holds space for illuminating conversations on personal spiritual development inspiring divine breakthroughs. 

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