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Recent Episodes

Activate Your Abundance Featuring Erin Newman

May 4, 2022

Is abundance something we create or something we become? Join me and my guest, Subconscious Success Coach and Soul Fire Ignitrix Erin Newman, for a conversation about what abundance is, how to activate it in your life, and a…

Guest: Erin Newman

Live Your Lifepath Featuring Sue Coffin

April 20, 2022

Now more than ever, it is time to be the most authentic and powerful you. How, you might ask? In this action-packed episode, we talk all things awakening, lifepath, and epicycles. My guest, Sue Coffin, shares insights from a…

Guest: Sue Coffin

Thrive By Design Featuring Robin Winn

April 6, 2022

Today on Gritty Mystic we’re talking about a modality that not only reveals who you are meant to be, but how to live an empowered life by design. I’m joined by Human Design coach, author, and trainer Robin Winn who shares ho…

Guest: Robin Winn

Release Inherited Trauma Featuring Lisa Thomas

March 23, 2022

Awakening is a multi-level process returning to deeper levels of healing as we connect more profoundly to who we truly are in this life. But sometimes we encounter triggers, fears, or patterns that seem unmovable. It may be …

Guest: Lisa Thomas