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Recent Episodes

Dynamics of Expansion Featuring Leon VanderPol

Sept. 21, 2022

When you’re feeling stuck, spinning your wheels, circling a plateau – what do you do? Well, it could be time to focus less on doing and more on Being. Join me and special guest author and Deep Coach Leon VanderPol as we expl…

Align Your Life Featuring Jean Hanson

Sept. 7, 2022

How would your reality shift if you had absolute clarity about your purpose and a profound connection with your Guide Team? Well, let’s make that happen! I’m joined by Jean Hanson, healer and medium, who helps people align w…

Thrive Outside Organized Religion Featuring Karl and Laura Forehand

Aug. 24, 2022

If you too are on the deconstruction or deconversion journey, tune in for a deeply held conversation about walking this road and the incredible discovery that the point is not to become something else, but to become who you …

Rebalance Your Base Featuring Tracy King

Aug. 10, 2022

Our bodies weren’t made for chronic stress and ambient anxiety. So what do we do when we’re feeling tossed by all the turbulence? Tune into this episode where I share easy access practices for rebalancing your root chakra PL…