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March 8, 2023

Trust Your Truth Featuring Roxanne Chaput

Trust Your Truth Featuring Roxanne Chaput

When you’re on the awakening journey, it can feel frustrating when accessing clarity and contentment feels so close and yet so far. In this episode, I spend time with the luminescent Roxanne Chaput exploring the layers of soullular healing and trusting your sacred purpose.

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Light a candle and some incense, get cozy with your earphones and tune ALL the way in for this incredible episode featuring Roxanne Chaput.

Roxanne is the kind of person that when I cross paths with them I get the whole body yessness - our alignment was so palpable I got goosebumps on my goosebumps! This conversation is an EXPERIENCE. The content is phenomenal, but I want you to tap in on a sensing level because there is another current of intelligence within our being-ness together, within this co-creation, and its on THAT level that shit is going to pop off for you.
Off the bat, we explore the role of Trust in the type of experience we're having right here right now. This beautifully aligned and zingy nugget of wisdom emerged from the story of Roxanne's awakening and stepping into her purpose. It's a phenomenal story - I was truly so inspired.
As the conversation unfolds we explore
  • why we're here
  • what healing actually is
  • how we can tap into the energetics of Soul
  • what pinches off our allowing
  • what enlightened love relationships look and feel like
  • how our understanding of love shifts as we embody our SoulSelf
  • the purpose of polarity
  • and more!

I'd love to hear about your experience with this episode so connect with me <3

Roxanne Chaput (she/her)Profile Photo

Roxanne Chaput (she/her)


Roxanne is a Globally recognized Luminary, Inspirer, Celestial Guide, Celestial and Generational Earth Shaman, the Creator of The Illumination Retreat TM and the Host of Soul to Soul with Roxanne.

Roxanne’s purpose is to lead beautiful Souls to effectively illuminate their Soul’s Luxuriance.

She has successfully guided thousands of beautiful Souls to connect with their most Divine Essence by teaching them to alchemize and harmonize their internal medicines and experiences so that they can create everything they desire in their life while experiencing sensations of enlightened knowingness, unconditional Love and unwavering inner peace throughout their Journey.