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Dec. 14, 2022

Conscious Parenting Featuring Timothy Stuetz

Conscious Parenting Featuring Timothy Stuetz

Parenting and mentoring children is a big responsibility, but there are simple practices we can employ to unlock the unique gifts, talents, and treasures inherent within children empowering their path. In this episode, my guest Timothy Stuetz, children’s author and sacred parenting coach, shares insights and practical takeaways on conscious parenting.

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One of the reasons the awakening process is so challenging (besides a total restructuring of everything you thought you knew) is renegotiating relationships. And if you're a parent -- that relationship rewiring is some tricky stuff.

In this episode I share a bit about my own journey as a parent and have a conversation with Timothy Stuetz, a prolific children's book author who's work focuses on facilitating presence in the child-parent relationship. We dig into what conscious parenting looks like and how to get started no matter where you are in your parenting journey. 

I really appreciate the doorway to meaningful conversations Timothy has created through reading. Reading time was an important part of my parenting not only because it brought calm to a hectic day with the kiddos, but because so many good questions and teachable moments and deeper convo starters emerge from storytime. As Timothy points out, when we become present we cultivate presence. For parents of younger children, reading time helps stimulate imagination, creativity, and stillness. Something we all need in our lives.

I want to note that not everyone contributing to the conscious parenting phenom is a biological or even adoptive parent. The more authentic presence kids can experience from the grown ups in their lives - the easier they may be able to find their way to authenticity.

Take a listen to this conversation and let us know what has worked for you and what you might try to bring more presence to your parenting.


Timothy Stuetz (he/him)Profile Photo

Timothy Stuetz (he/him)

Magical Kids Books Creator

Timothy is one of the most prolific children’s authors of all time, having just completed his 86th Fairy Tale Of The Heart featuring Bliss Beary Bear.

He is the creator of The Magical Miracle of You—A Self-Empowerment Course for Children and Families. He also created the Power Animal Frolics—A Yoga/T’ai Chi/Qigong COURSE for children where they exercise along with 7 Power Animals in Disney Quality Costumes.

He also runs a Quantum Energy Training Academy where he’s been certifying graduates to teach multiple forms of Quantum Energy Healing, Meditation, Yoga, Qigong and T’ai Chi for over 35 years.

Timothy’s programs and services inspire everyone to achieve their full mental, physical, emotional and heart-filled potential. They are enriched through his having held children and others at birth and death and coaching people of all ages through a variety of life challenges.

Using Fairy Tales, Ancient Arts, Sacred Sciences and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN, he empowers people of all ages to develop and use their infinite soul powers to achieve their full potential.