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Feb. 3, 2021

Renegotiating Relationships Featuring Wendi Jensen

Renegotiating Relationships Featuring Wendi Jensen

What happens when you leave a rigid religious tradition and people close to you do not support how you are changing? How do you know when to salvage and when to scrap? Whether you’re a brand new awakening baby unicorn or a salty old soul, changing the rules in relationships is not only something we’ve got to deal with – it’s part of the journey itself. And that’s what we’re talking about today with Second Life Midwife Wendi Jensen.

Episode 5 is a powerful conversation about what happens to relationships when we leave a rigid religion. When we're both figuring out who we are, how to love ourselves and stand in our authenticity - how do we navigate the choppy waters of renegotiating powerful relationships in our lives? Our guest, Wendi Jensen, calls herself the Second Life Midwife as she holds safe space for those leaving high demand religions on that journey. Her story inspires so many others to stand in strength and finally find home.

You can learn more in Wendi's book, A Peculiar Transition: Healing the Trauma of Mormon Faith Crisis, or by joining her Facebook Support Group

Wendi also mentioned her ebook The Healing Questions: Relevant Questions to Ask the Mind to Activate Healing in the Body during our conversation as well. Reviewers rave that it is a must have to understand how our body speaks to us. If you're into Emotion Code, this is resource is in alignment.

Apryl Nichols-Baker (she/her)Profile Photo

Apryl Nichols-Baker (she/her)

Apryl Nichols-Baker fell in love with her personal practice after a long battle with untreated Chronic Lyme Disease. She is no stranger to the mental, physical, and spiritual healing power of yoga. As her personal practice began to deepen, she was inspired to complete a yoga teacher training. Apryl is passionate about the philosophy surrounding the ancient practice and is focused on functional movement of the body to maintain a strong mind+body+spirit connection. Apryl constantly dives into books and continuing- education trainings to learn more about the practice and ways we can inspire others on their wellness journey. She encourages students to come out of the mind and into their bodies. Her goal is to have students walk out of class feeling more grounded, calm, and connected to their true self.

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Wendi Jensen (she/her)

Wendi Jensen, the Second Life Midwife & Empowerment Coach who helps apostates regain their spiritual authenticity. She is an Author, Speaker and Trainer in Adult Empowerment and Religious Transition.