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Aug. 18, 2021

Wake Up Your Warrior Featuring Christine Coen

Wake Up Your Warrior Featuring Christine Coen

It’s become widely accepted that the mind – our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes – affects the body, but how does the body affect the mind? Join me and my guest, Christine Coen, as we explore the neurobiology of the mind-body connection and the simple steps you can take to awaken your inner warrior.

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Science confirms the mind-body connection stuff is not woo, it's true. It's substantiated. Which is why modalities such as medication, yoga, art therapy, guided imagery and more are increasingly prescribed by physicians who recognize the efficacy of such practices on managing chronic pain, healing and preventative care.

But what about the body-mind connection? What impact does the body, our physical health, on our mood and mind?

In this conversation, Christine Coen, Registered Dietician and Personal Trainer, shares her personal journey that opened way to an empowering model she shares with her clients optimizing movement not so much to shape the body in a particular instagramy way, but to shape your life.

As Christine says (and I LOVE this), "You can't hate yourself to healthy." Join our conversation flipping the script on fitness and nutrition and discovering it's power to free us to become all we're meant to be.

Catch Christine's new Wake Up Your Warrior podcast or join her Warrior Team at wakeupyourwarrior.com.

Christine Coen (she/her)Profile Photo

Christine Coen (she/her)

Over the last 10 years as a NYC based Registered Dietitian & fitness professional, Christine Coen RD, NSCA- CPT, has transformed her practice from a traditional weight loss & aesthetic focus into a convergence of the powerful impact of movement & nutrition on mental health. Christine’s own battle & eventual overcoming of depression, anxiety, & emotional eating sparked this change, as movement became her “anti-depressant” and was a major catalyst in her recovery.

Today, coaching women to take empowered action & move their body every day to improve mental wellbeing, boost energy & mood has allowed her to help many clients struggling with depression, anxiety, and overeating issues. Her non-diet approach to health, where weight loss focus is actually put on the back-burner, has surprisingly increased the success her clients have- mentally & physically. Her 6 month group coaching program, The Warrior Evolution, & her daily 22 Minute Warrior Workout are two ways she works with people to help them discover their deeper meaning for improving their wellbeing & create a solid action plan incorporating 4 pillars- movement, nourishment, fuel & mindset.