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Christine Coen (she/her)

Over the last 10 years as a NYC based Registered Dietitian & fitness professional, Christine Coen RD, NSCA- CPT, has transformed her practice from a traditional weight loss & aesthetic focus into a convergence of the powerful impact of movement & nutrition on mental health. Christine’s own battle & eventual overcoming of depression, anxiety, & emotional eating sparked this change, as movement became her “anti-depressant” and was a major catalyst in her recovery.

Today, coaching women to take empowered action & move their body every day to improve mental wellbeing, boost energy & mood has allowed her to help many clients struggling with depression, anxiety, and overeating issues. Her non-diet approach to health, where weight loss focus is actually put on the back-burner, has surprisingly increased the success her clients have- mentally & physically. Her 6 month group coaching program, The Warrior Evolution, & her daily 22 Minute Warrior Workout are two ways she works with people to help them discover their deeper meaning for improving their wellbeing & create a solid action plan incorporating 4 pillars- movement, nourishment, fuel & mindset.

Wake Up Your Warrior Featuring Christine Coen

Aug. 18, 2021

It’s become widely accepted that the mind – our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes – affects the body, but how does the body affect the mind? Join me and my guest, Christine Coen, as we explore the neurobiology of the mind-bod…