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Robin Winn (she/her)

Founder Human Design Certification Training for Professionals

Robin Winn, MFT is the bestselling author of Understanding Your Clients through Human Design: The Breakthrough Technology; and Understanding the Centers in Human Design: The Facilitator’s Guide to Transforming Pain into Possibility, and Understanding the Profiles in Human Design: The Facilitator’s Guide to Unleashing Potential.
Twenty-five years into her work as a licensed marriage and family therapist she was introduced to Human Design. This transformational knowledge marked a turning point, opening a door of clarity and compassion. Human Design empowered her work with clients in surprising and unexpected ways. Robin is a writer, speaker, transformational coach, founder and director of Human Design Certification Training for Professionals.
She lives on Maui with her wife, Yarrow. Link to free book:

Thrive By Design Featuring Robin Winn

April 6, 2022

Today on Gritty Mystic we’re talking about a modality that not only reveals who you are meant to be, but how to live an empowered life by design. I’m joined by Human Design coach, author, and trainer Robin Winn who shares ho…