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March 17, 2021

Spring Clean Your Limited Beliefs Featuring Angela Kelly Robeck

Spring Clean Your Limited Beliefs Featuring Angela Kelly Robeck

Feeling stuck? Let’s find out what’s got you mired. In this episode, we’re going to shift limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs with three courageous questions revealing what sabotages your success.

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If there's an underlying rumble of discontent in your life, if there are unachieved dreams, or if there's space between where you are and where you want to be - and in the middle a load of fear with a sidecar of anxiety - this episode is for you!

What we've got here is a tangle of limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs can be tricky because they feel true, and yet, upon closer inspection you'll find there's a load of false assumptions and self-sabotaging rumination behind beliefs like --

  • It's too late for me

  • I never get a break

  • I always get hurt

  • Money doesn't grow on trees

  • No one listens to me

  • I have no choice

The voice of The Empowered Principal podcast and masterful coach, Angela Kelly Robeck, joins me for a conversation about what limiting beliefs are, how to identify them - and once you do - how to work with them to become the most powerful and authentic You.

What’s your next move?

Angela Kelly Robeck (she/her)Profile Photo

Angela Kelly Robeck (she/her)

Angela Kelly Robeck is the creator of The Empowered Principal Podcast and author of her first book, The Empowered Principal. A former teacher, instructional coach, principal, and district administrator, Angela has over 25 years of experience in education and is currently the CEO of Angela Kelly Coaching and a certified life coach for school leaders. She helps school leaders navigate mental and emotional demands of the job and empowers them to build work life balance while creating high impact for their school.

Angela has been a presenter at NAESP conference, Keynote speaker for AWSP, as seen in Twinkl, study.com, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Red Diamonds magazine.

Credentials: Educator (teacher, principal, district admin) for 25 years; completed Martha Beck life coaching program in 2012; Certified life coach through The Life Coach School, CEO and owner of Angela Kelly Coaching

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/user98018944