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May 3, 2023

Psychedelics for Personal Transformation Featuring Gabriel DeRita

Psychedelics for Personal Transformation Featuring Gabriel DeRita

There’s a global resurgence underway exploring the profound potential of psychedelics for healing and transformative growth. While psychedelics have been sacred to indigenous cultures for millennia, this is not a step to take casually. Where to begin? Find out as my guest Gabriel DeRita guides us through the possibilities, responsibilities, and ethics of integrating psychedelics into your personal transformation journey.

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Psychedelic plants and mushrooms have been part of indigenous traditions for millennia.

Back in the 30s here in the US, Albert Hofmann initiated research that kicked off a burgeoning period of scientific and cultural exploration. But as you know, in the 70s, and 80s, government regulation shut all that down despite the therapeutic potential that science clearly indicated. Psychedelics then became conflated with addictive and destructive drugs like cocaine, and heroin. But that's just not accurate.

Psychedelics have been and still are considered sacred in many cultures. More recently, there's been a resurgence of government approved studies globally that are swinging attention back to the profoundly positive potential here, including the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Over there, they're taking a look at what psychedelics reveal about consciousness, and their effectiveness in treating conditions like depression, addiction, and PTSD.

So what's the tea?

I'm glad you asked!

Self-proclaimed mushroom nerd and transformational coach Gabriel DeRita joins me for a conversation to sort it all out. Tune in to find out

  • How psychedelics can help - but also guiding philosophies if you choose to explore this path
  • What not to do and who carries the most risk participating in psychedelic journeying
  • How to make educated choices (get ready to take some notes!)
  • The beautiful relationship you can develop with this natural medicine through foraging
  • Choosing a journey guide
  • And really importantly, peer support and integration circles to embody the purpose of your journey.

We also touch on the ethics of participating in indigenous sacred medicine practices. Listen up!

This beautiful conversation weaves from awakening to "spiritual inflammation," through present moment consciousness and bridging to superconscious experiences that have the potential to open way for an expansive life. So much is possible, but also - critical thinking is key in your choice making.

Diligent research is the number one recommendation. Here are a few resources mentioned in our convo:

  • https://www.decriminalizenature.org/
  • https://mushroomobserver.org/account/login/new
  • https://www.reflectivehealing.com/about-dori-lewis-fort-collins
  • https://fungiacademy.com/
  • https://effectiveconnection.com/

Gabriel DeRita (he/him)Profile Photo

Gabriel DeRita (he/him)

Coach & Facilitator

Gabriel DeRita is a goal whisperer and mushroom nerd who left his "fancy tech job" in 2017 to travel the world by bicycle, and in the process found his calling in coaching.

He now is honored to work full time as a purpose alignment coach & leadership development facilitator. He helps individuals and teams align with what matters, and make effective connections with self and other. His coaching work is rooted in neuroscience-based CoActive Coaching, Authentic Relating, and mindfulness.

He has been working with psychedelics personally for decades, and has a wealth of experience to draw upon when helping clients with psychedelic journeys and integration. He regularly hosts public integration circles, and has trained with Zendo for psychedelic harm reduction at major festivals including Burning Man.

He's passionate about cycling, foraging wild mushrooms, and the transformative power of psychedelics to heal ourselves and our world.