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Jan. 25, 2023

Pain to Purpose Featuring Greg Wieting

Pain to Purpose Featuring Greg Wieting

Burnout is a global health crisis that a day off work or a new action plan is not going to fix. In this episode, my guest Greg Wieting and I explore what’s truly beneath burnout and how understanding our nervous system can help us heal. Greg offers a neuroscience roadmap demystifying what’s truly needed on the journey to recovery that you don’t want to miss.

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You may want to be in a place you can open your notes app or have your journal open while listening to this episode because there are sooooo many nuggets and takeaways you're gonna want to capture and explore.

It was pure privilege to spend time with Greg Wieting who's work lives in the intersection of leadership, healing, purpose and performance. And you KNOW we geeked out about neuroscience and the practical entry points to healing and BEING.

There is a wealth of personal journeying underlying the approaches shared to really get to the heart of what healing actually is. How wholeness is accessed. What happens when leaders - from whatever seat you're in - become a vessel of healing for those they lead.

I am so curious what stands out for you because we kicked open a variety of doorways for you to step into a new understanding of what is wanting to emerge for us in this now moment. 

Greg Wieting (he/him)Profile Photo

Greg Wieting (he/him)


Greg Wieting helps leaders and entrepreneurs heal anxiety, depression, chronic pain and trauma so they can lead with bold and courageous hearts.

For two decades he's helped hundreds of clients reduce or eliminate their dependence on antidepressants, anxiety, pain and sleep meds. He addresses the unique causative factors at play beneath your pain - namely the unresolved trauma that causes inflammation, compromises immune function, stagnates emotion, fogs thought and creates hormonal imbalance.

He is the founder of PRISMA – a framework overlaying trauma, neuroscience, and energy medicine with somatic and mindfulness-based practices. He developed this while healing his own anxiety, depression, and chronic pain rooted in trauma. This included unraveling a severe spinal curvature and standing three inches taller today!

Greg has spoken at The Institute of Noetic Sciences about energy medicine, The California Institute of Integral Studies about trauma-informed touch, the California Academy of Sciences on neuroplasticity and brain health, and Hive Global Leaders on the intersection of healing, spirituality and entrepreneurship.