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Jan. 11, 2023

The Myth of Wellness Featuring Tracy King

The Myth of Wellness Featuring Tracy King

We’re kicking off Season 3 challenging the myth of wellness and talking about what it is we’re actually yearning for. Wellness as a concept has come a long way since the term was coined in the 1950s. It’s no longer about healthy habits mitigating illness, it’s now a complete lifestyle. It’s a striving toward an ideal – but who defines what that ideal is and who really benefits from the striving?

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Who defines the ideal of wellness?

Who benefits from the striving toward wellness?

Who is excluded from wellness?

How do we navigate the shift from an independent to interdependent state of wellbeing?

What would it require for us to remove the barriers to collective wellness?

In what ways will we commit to confronting the myth of separation that feeds our fears and fuels striving to get our piece of the pie?

In what ways will we realize our essential wholeness? That it’s our responsibility to heal not only our personal traumas but our collective traumas too, realizing when trauma is not transformed, it’s transferred?

How can we see wellness with fresh eyes -- that self-care is integrally connected to collective care?

What are we actually yearning for?

I've got lots of questions! ;) 

In this kick off to Season 3, I introduce an uncomfortable topic and that's the destructive consumerism of the wellness industry that distracts us from what we are truly seeking. Connect with me about your insights!

PS: The book I reference is American Detox. Have you read it?

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Tracy King (she/they)

Gritty Mystic

Tracy King is a transformation catalyst. As an intuitive channel and transformational teacher, Tracy reveals where her clients are in the levels of awakening to take the guess work out of divine development allowing for more "YES!" and less "WTF?!" They’re not like other coaches. Tracy is queer, nonbinary, and neurodivergent. They offer truth talk but are also trauma informed. Learn more about Tracy’s journey and connect with their esteemed guests on the Gritty Mystic podcast featuring tips, tools, and techniques to become the most authentic and powerful You!