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Dec. 28, 2022

Detect Your Thinking Traps Featuring Elizabeth Louis

Detect Your Thinking Traps Featuring Elizabeth Louis

Mastering your mindset is a lifelong journey. We’ve got to navigate limbic loops, toxic thinking, and subconscious subterfuge – so how can we get ahead of it? My guest Elizabeth Louis shares practical and proactive approaches to the persistent challenges we encounter as we rewire our brain toward wholeness.

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It's the Season 2 Finale Y'all! I can't believe it either but I have a rockstar guest that is the perfect capstone for this amazing season and inspiration for teeing up a powerhouse 2023.

Elizabeth Louis gives us a tour of the nuanced differences between coaching and therapy, and the most effective therapeutic approaches for moving through trauma to shift your life experience. It's brain science. It's honesty around the strengths and limitations of each approach PLUS what to look for when seeking a coach or therapist to work with.

And then we take a deep dive into something we are all working toward, and that's mastering our mindset. I love that Elizabeth points out this is not a destination, it's a lifelong journey. No use getting frustrated and angry with yourself when you realize mindset is tripping you up. Noticing is the key to the doorway to a new and better experience if you pursue that insight. We talk about persistent thinking traps, how to identify them, what to do about them.

And how the tiniest shift from past to present will revolutionize your life.

While you're listening, be sure to note the self-reflective questions we talk about when you catch yourself in rumination to widen the space been trigger and action.

Get started detecting your thinking traps today. Access Elizabeth's free quiz that assesses what Thinking Traps you most participates in. Thinking Traps are automatic negative ways of thinking that make our lives harder. This knowledge helps them grow your awareness, identify automatic negative ways of thinking, and allows you to make new decisions. Your results will score the 17 of the most common thinking traps. Plus, you'll get a PDF resource explaining 17 of the most common thinking traps with examples.

Elizabeth Louis (she/her)Profile Photo

Elizabeth Louis (she/her)

Executive Performance Coach

For the past seven years, Elizabeth has worked with high-performers, professional athletes, corporate, private, & small business powerhouses, and innovation-driven entrepreneurs, helping them master their mindset, increase their cognitive awareness, and achieve peak performance while strategically building a multiple-figure business.  
She walks alongside companies as their concierge Executive Performance Coach to craft tailored solutions, implement processes, strengthen leadership, enhance culture, and adjust the most daunting performance troubles, resulting in 10-figure success stories and lasting results that grow with time. 

Some of Elizabeth's most significant wins are:
• Helping an entrepreneur raise $1.3 M in 90-min after their first session 
• Helped a Financial Advisor increase his closing rate by $4 M a month after three sessions
• Helped a Real estate firm reach $1 billion in revenue

She also walks alongside entrepreneurs, athletes, and high performers, helping them develop a champion mindset, improve self-esteem, fine-tune goals, shift perspectives, overcome traumas, face fear, achieve success, gain mental freedom, and more. Elizabeth notes that most of her clients see a radical change in 3 sessions. 

You can learn more by going to ElizabethLouis.com or following her on social media @ElizabethLouisCoaching