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Nov. 30, 2022

Nurturing Intuitive Children Featuring Michelle Henderson

Nurturing Intuitive Children Featuring Michelle Henderson

Children are arriving in this world more awake, intuitive, and connected than ever before –  how can we support them in their extraordinary giftedness? Join me and my guest, spirit medium, and author of the book Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children, Michelle Henderson, for tips on how to teach kids how to embrace their gifts and feel true acceptance for who they are.

Growing up in a fundamentalist home and church, my spiritual (aka spirit and paranormal) experiences were framed as either godly or satanic.

Pretty terrifying as a kid.

Those experiences which could have been meaningful, affirming, hopeful and empowering triggered intense fear in me as a kid. As a result, I shut down those gifts for quite some time to escape the panic of being lured in by the devil. It didn't help that this occurred in part during the "Satanic Panic" of the eighties entwined with end-times get ready for the rapture or die in grisly ways for Jesus narratives I was marinated in from the 70s onward. 

Basically a recipe for chronic panic. 

It doesn't have to be this way folks. We can be the ones who end this fear-based paradigm. Kids need to be accepted, embraced, and to express who they are. We all need that. And what a beautiful thing to support their gifts - even if we don't share those same gift sets. 

In this episode, I spend time with medium Michelle Henderson who works with kids and families helping them embrace the beauty of their intuitive children's gifts so they can blossom into who they came here to be.

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Michelle Henderson (she/her)

Spiritual Advisor

Michelle Henderson, M. Ed. worked in education as a teacher, educational diagnostician, and behavior analyst for thirty years. In 2021, Michelle became a Certified Spiritual Advisor with Psychic and Medium Certificates through the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development. With the knowledge she obtained through her life-long work with children, she became passionate about helping intuitive children embrace their gifts. Michelle also shares her innovative ideas with other lightworkers, giving them direction about supporting families of intuitive children. Her book, Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children: Training Parents to Embrace and Enhance Their Psychic Child’s Abilities was published on January 5, 2022.