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Oct. 19, 2022

Interpreting Divination Decks Featuring Corbie Mitleid

Interpreting Divination Decks Featuring Corbie Mitleid

If you're having trouble trusting your intuition, divination decks are a great tool for accessing clarity. But where to start? Tune into my conversation with psychic medium and Tarot Master Corbie Mitleid for interpretation insights and pitfalls that will help you connect to the guidance you seek.

This episode is so much fun!

Tarot and Oracle cards have been a meaningful part of my journey helping me build confidence in my intuition and authentic connection with my Guide Team. I've got a little collection of decks going on now, each one of them with its own personality. 🙂

That's why it is so exciting to connect with Tarot Master Corbie Mitleid. She shares so many insights and tips

  • how to get started reading Tarot and Oracle decks
  • what's the same/different between Tarot and Oracle cards
  • what to do when you buy a brand new deck
  • what the most concerning cards in Tarot really mean (like Death and The Devil)
  • how divination decks are a doorway into your own intuition and divine wisdom
  • how to choose a psychic reader to work with - and what to FOR SURE avoid.

You can check out Corbie's blog for even more info - including this Tending Your Spiritual Garden spread with example readings to show you how to use it: https://corbiemitleid.medium.com/tarot-spreads-tending-your-spiritual-garden-e4a1bfb8f61d

See you there!

Corbie Mitleid (she/her)Profile Photo

Corbie Mitleid (she/her)

Certified Tarot Master/past life specialist/psychic medium/author

Corbie Mitleid has been reading since 1973. She has traveled coast to coast and into Canada as a full time intuitive counselor and is an inspirational speaker and facilitator. Corbie's certifications and affiliations include Certified Tarot Master and Certified Professional Tarot Reader; member of the American Tarot Association and The Tarot Guild; and ordained minister of the Sanctuary of the Beloved (Order of Melchizedek). A trained medium and past life specialist, Corbie is a featured channel in Robert Schwartz’s breakthrough series, YOUR SOUL’S PLAN, YOUR SOUL’S GIFT and YOUR SOUL’S LOVE, and is herself the author of CLEAN OUT YOUR LIFECLOSET, THE PSYCHIC YELLOW BRICK ROAD and YOU’VE GOT THE MAGIC, WHO NEEDS A GENIE?

Corbie prides herself on being a “practical intuitive.” Despite her elegant clothes and table trappings, most people say sitting with her is a comfortable, safe experience that feels like they're with a long-time friend, not a stranger spouting a bunch of mystical hoodoo and pretense. And she doesn’t believe in ‘bad news’: “We have opportunities we can go after, and challenges to get past,” she says firmly. “After dealing three times with breast cancer, I learned that first-hand. My job is to give you the tools and courage to deal with both situations. Everything else is free will, and up to you!”