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Oct. 5, 2022

Empower Your Reality Featuring Victor Manzo

Empower Your Reality Featuring Victor Manzo

If you’re in burnout but the guilt of not having achieved your outcome pressures you to continue to grind harder – this episode is for you. I’m talking with Dr. Victor Manzo about shifting from overwhelm to ease. Tune in for tips, tools, and techniques to empower your reality.

THIS conversation right here.

If you're sick to death of people telling you to magnetize what you want to see in your life or learn how to "manifest better" - there are life shifting reveals in this episode.

The first is the realization is the profound paradigm shift from Newtonian thinking to Quantum thinking. Scientists BEEN having this conversation for 120 years and through their work proving the Newtonian paradigm incorrect, and yet so much "modern" belief is still rooted in determinism, separatism, reductionism and materialism.

In this conversation, we take a look at what's real.

If that sparks curiosity in you, get to Googling. You may also be interested in these resources to stimulate your exploration:

The difference between the Newtonian Paradigm & the Quantum Paradigm (cendrines.com)

Wave Particle Duality of Electrons: Is An Electron A Particle Or A Wave? (scienceabc.com)

It's sad to me that Newton is associated with this boxed in outdated way of thinking because he was an alchemist and never intended to separate consciousness and science. Buuuut he was also a product of the level of understanding of his time. We can respect striving for an understanding while also allowing for new better information to inform the evolution of our understanding.

You are also going to love the practicality of my convo with Dr. Victor Manzo putting meat on the bones of "manifestation speak" so we can better see where our resistance and refinement may lie. I'm curious to hear what you think so be sure to hop into the comments and let us know.

Takeaway questions

  • What practices help me ground and center?
  • What practices help me step into flow?
  • How might I refine who I am Being to open way for more of what I desire?
  • How might I listen to my own inner wisdom about what is seeking to emerge in alignment with my Becoming?


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Victor Manzo Jr (he/him)

Dr. Vic

Dr. Vic is a former Certified Pediatric Chiropractor who has transitioned into a Business/Spiritual Mindset Coach, 3x Author, and Podcaster.

He is the author of 3 books, the most recent, "Decoding The Matrix," which came out in May 2022.

Dr. Vic has helped 100s of entrepreneurs learn how to live in the Quantum world to create effortless actions that lead to effortless success. We have been conditioned that we must sacrifice, work hard, grind, hustle, etc., to achieve fulfillment, financial/business success, and much more.

He shares many concepts that relate to spiritual truths, Universal Laws, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Limiting Beliefs, Leveraging One’s Mindset, and much more to achieve these concepts.