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April 20, 2022

Live Your Lifepath Featuring Sue Coffin

Live Your Lifepath Featuring Sue Coffin

Now more than ever, it is time to be the most authentic and powerful you. How, you might ask? In this action-packed episode, we talk all things awakening, lifepath, and epicycles. My guest, Sue Coffin, shares insights from an ancient modality, numerology, that reveals who we are and what this moment is calling for.

"Number(s) rules the universe." Pythagoras

I admit I didn't know much about numerology outside angel number lore until I met Sue Coffin and she blew my mind with the specificity of what she can see in my numbers.


In my latest episode, we talk about what numerology reveals with just your birthdate and name - and how numerology just may be the tool you've been looking for to understand challenging relationships too.

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Sue Coffin (she/her)


As a young child, I experienced many psychic phenomena, which piqued my curiosity about the unknown. Metaphysical studies became very important to me, and I’ve continued that lifelong path. True to my spiritual evolution, I’ve become a Reiki master, as well. In the midst of all of the books, classes and other information, I had a Numerology reading that astounded me in terms of the volume of accurate information derived just through my Birth name and Birth date. I was hooked – since that time, I have studied beginning and advanced numerology, beyond advanced numerology, and compatibility readings. I’ve had the great pleasure of expanding my knowledge by studying with Numerologist Jane Alton, one of the top Numerologists in the UK. Now I offer my services to help people by using a chart that beautifully validates their journeys.