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Dec. 1, 2021

Rewire Your Reality Featuring Bob Doyle

Rewire Your Reality Featuring Bob Doyle

Do you find some things are harder for you to manifest than others? Or get frustrated about mixed-manifestation results? Join me and my guest Bob Doyle, Law of Attraction coach and featured expert in The Secret, for a conversation on neuroplasticity, brain defaults, and rewiring our capabilities to engineer a better life. Find out which Transformation Personality you are to troubleshoot challenges and create with intention.

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The Law of Attraction has become a lightening rod. It excites some who will regale us with incredible tales of what they have manifested and it elicits groans from others who think it's utter nonsense.

I'm not here to convince you. But even before I came in contact with LOA, I had a big lightbulb moment that the attitude and outlook (call that energy and belief if you like) I bring to any given situation deeply impacts it. 

If I show up sour and cynical, chances are I'm going to get what I invest. There's a response-in-kind that happens more than not. Because if I choose to show up confident and optimistic, different results arise.

When I started playing with these ideas, I was applying them to challenging interpersonal relationships and doing so was a 180 opposite direction to how I had been conditioned as a female from a fundamentalist background. I'm not saying rainbows came out my butt, but I DID get different results.

You feeling me?

So by just shifting with intention the energy and beliefs I brought to an interpersonal encounter radically changed the outcomes I was experiencing. What would happen if I examined my stories?

See that there? That's a big one.

What if I noticed when negative self-talk stories were triggered and playing on repeat and then changed the tape? What if I told grounded, truthful, hopeful, affirming stories - to myself and others - replacing that old programming?

Well, what happened was new things were possible because I was becoming a new me.

I agree with Bob Doyle. Law of Attraction is not about magic check writing and fantasizing your way to millions. It's about noticing your defaults and becoming the person that has, does, experiences, enjoys the things you really want to call into your life.

You create your reality. Either consciously or unconsciously. So why not learn how to become the best you?

My guest Bob Doyle was featured in The Secret and has continued his work coaching people in their reality creation by revealing the science of rewiring brain defaults. A self-described skeptic, he's not one to feed you a bunch of fluff. It's work, but it's the precise work that will earn you the manifestation breakthroughs you've been looking for.

If you're curious about the brain science behind LOA or why you're getting mixed manifestation results, tune into this episode for dynamite inspiration.

You can take Bob's transformation personality type quiz at http://tptquiz.com so you take away personalized insights from this conversation. See you there!

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Bob Doyle (he/him)

Brain Trainer/Law of attraction expert/Coach/Author

Bob Doyle is best known as a featured expert in the film and book “The Secret.” He now focuses his coaching and training on Neuro Plasticity and your ability to rewire your brain so that you literally become the person who creates the results you want in life without having to adopt any unusual belief system.