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Nov. 3, 2021

Becoming Unapologetically Yourself Featuring Petia Kolibova

Becoming Unapologetically Yourself Featuring Petia Kolibova

What does it mean when you wake up with that restlessness that you’re meant for more? When you ask yourself – who am I and who am I becoming? Join me and alignment coach Petia Kolibova for a conversation about what that feeling means and what steps to take to become unapologetically yourself.

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Back in the day when my identity felt backed into the corner of what others wanted me to be, I would feel tremendous guilt about wanting something different for myself. Was I being selfish wanting to go on that scrapbooking weekend because inside I was desperate to express my artistic side? Was it ungrateful to want to go to graduate school to pursue my dreams when it would put added pressure on my family's schedule? 

I mean it got to a place where I would daydream about getting seriously ill so I could have quiet time, a stack of books and a journal in the hospital. Like, WHAT?!

What needed to happen was for me to include myself in my priorities, not just everyone else's needs. Not just serving everyone else's agendas for me. But that felt super risky.

That restlessness you feel deep inside that you can't shake is most often a signal that you're out of alignment. In this episode, we really explore what that feeling means and what to do about it. 

My guest, Petia Kolibova, is an alignment coach who helps women identify how to synch up who they are with what they are doing and where they are going in life and business. She mentions a values exercise (which if you try, let us know how it went for you!) and Human Design as two ways to jump start your process.

A few guests have mentioned Human Design - maybe we need to do an episode on that. What do you think?

Something to note is that finding alignment is a moving target. Don't get discouraged by that! It's just the way it is because you are a moving, shaking, evolving Being! Naturally, as you progress, you'll dream new dreams, realize new capabilities and set new goals for yourself. How exciting!

And that whole adventure may just kick off with that restless feeling you've been shushing off to the side. Check out this episode and see what insights spark.

Petia Kolibova (she/her)Profile Photo

Petia Kolibova (she/her)

Alignment Coach

Petia Kolibova is a Women’s Alignment Coach who helps those that have been pushed down and playing it small, due to toxic relationships or unhealed childhood trauma, create an abundant life that is true to their soul-purpose. Her mission is to help women move through their limiting beliefs so they can finally align with who they are, discover and do what feels good to them, and serve others in a powerful way. Through this work, Petia finds that once her clients unearth their limits and uncover their purpose, it naturally reveals a desire to help others transform as well. She then pairs feminine flow with strategic planning to give these budding entrepreneurs immense clarity + exact steps to transition from side-hustler to CEO of their lives and businesses.