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July 21, 2021

Commandeer Your Life Featuring Geeg Wiles

Commandeer Your Life Featuring Geeg Wiles

You have dreams of going, doing, seeing, and Being – so what are you waiting for? In this episode, we’re flipping scripts and choosing to live a life that zings with passion and purpose. Join Geeg Wiles, Captain Ahab, and me for a conversation sure to inspire you to commandeer your life.

Ahoy! No more "maybe's" or "someday's," we're striking out to commandeer our lives TODAY!

In this episode we are all about evaluating the excuses that hold us back from pursuing our passions and being all we're meant to be. I love this conversation so much because Geeg is all in living this message - and he shares his story encompassing 200 adventures and making friends out of strangers everywhere he goes in large part due to Captain Ahab, the pirate-aspiring yard gnome that's been in his family for eight generations.

The Captain's work is all about choosing to live a life of adventure of your own making that plays to your passions. One of the chief insights you'll glean from this conversation is the challenge to reframe your excuses not to do the things that you deeply desire for yourself (yet put on pause for allllll the many "reasons" why not) -- reframe those in excuses WHY TO do all the things. Shift to making excuses to be and do what makes you come alive. That's where joy is! That's where surprising new experiences and enriching friendships cross your path. Set sail for a life full of stories of your own becoming that truly become your legacy. 

So worth it!

Tune in to learn more and check out Geeg Wile's Ted Talk, A Pirate's Guide to Commandeering Life to get your inspiration on!


Special acknowledgement from the Captain Ahab Team: We would like to take a moment to cheers Guybrush Threepwood for all he has taught us over the many years.

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Geeg Wiles (he/him)

Geeg Wiles is the caretaker, keeper of chronicles, and voice of Captain Ahab. Together through Ahab's Adventures. they show people that your excuses are only as heavy as you make them. If you turn your burdens into your passion they become weightless. Join Ahab's Crew, represent his jolly roger, and Commandeer Life!