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Episode #1

New Year / New You

Let’s kick this off with a tour! Come on in and take a peek inside the Gritty Mystic podcast. This is a two-for episode where I’ll share the very first practice on my path to authenticity and an annual practice for maintaining massive momentum that just got soooo much better with a simple twist. Subscribe and leave your comments to join the conversation. 

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Guest Star: Tracy King, she/they

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Guest Bio

Tracy has focused her career on creating transformational experiences for professional development. Now, she’s holding space with Gritty Mystic podcast for illuminating conversations on personal development – inspiring your next divine breakthrough. Tracy is an intuitive channel and transformational teacher helping you explore how to be the most authentic and powerful You.

Show Notes

In this episode, we take a tour of the Gritty Mystic podcast and I share a bit about my story. It’s vulnerable and it’s gritty, but transformation is why we’re here! This podcast is my invitation to you to ask yourself my turning point question: “is this authentic to me?” Each time we meet you may find an idea or practice that sings with resonance deep in your bones. Or you might feel in your gut it’s not for you, and you bless and release it. It’s one of the simplest and most challenging things we can do to take a stand for ourselves. Get that question down on a post it, make it your phone background, write it on your bathroom mirror – wherever you need it to remind you that this moment is a choice point. Will you choose to be authentically you?

A few items I referenced in this episode you may want to explore on your own:


I deeply appreciated Lara Honos-Webb’s book Listening to Depression: How Understanding Your Pain Can Heal Your Life. It was published in 2006 – you may be able to find a new or used copy wherever you like to pick up your books. It’s also on Kindle


I adapted my Review/Preview exercise based upon Natalie Bacon’s post, How to Plan Your Best Year Ever and I love it. Check it out and see if it may work for you too.


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