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1:1 Breakthrough Session

Let’s create a breakthrough for you. In this one-hour one-on-one, we’ll orient to where you are in your alchemical journey map and bring in my Guide Team for insights on your most pressing questions.


Catalyst Coaching

Together we will wade into the waters of your Soul's journey in this life identifying where you are, your soul purpose, forging a more profound connection to your inner guidance system. Your challenges and aspirations will guide our work together.

It's your turn to get unstuck and BE unstoppable!

This commitment is a package of six 60-minute sacred space sessions meeting you right where you are to empower your divine development. First step is to coordinate a free info call to answer questions and set an intention for our work together.

The Science of Soul Intro (Video)

How does one go about reconstructing spirituality after deconstruction? If you still desire a spiritual path (vs. deconstructing to atheism which some do), how do you orient yourself among all the possibilities of practice? What’s the point? What’s the goal? In this video I share an organizing framework to orient you to where you are in your awakening process, what types of practices may serve you best, and how this framework offers a pathway to authentic spiritual experience.

Gritty Mystic Community

COMING SOON! Get in on more gritty goodness while connecting with soul family members as we do this journey together. I'm soooo excited to introduce this new way to interact, share resources, and chat LIVE -- in the palm of your hand. Keep watch for the Gritty Mystic app coming soon! xoxo