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Transformational Coaching

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When you sense the inner call to live more authentically in alignment with who you truly are, transformation has begun. But you can choose it or refuse it.

Often this sensing presents as

  • Restlessness – Wondering whether this is all there is, feeling constricted, feeling like there’s more inside you that wants to be expressed, that you are meant for more. But what?
  • Dissonance – You see how conditions around you were formed and your part in it, but it just doesn’t fit anymore; there’s a tug of war inside between how you’re living and what you wish for yourself. You’ve likely ignored this feeling for a while, but it just isn’t going away. Now what?
  • Readiness – Desiring to live with purpose, to make a meaningful contribution, for new insights to click and stick, to actively engage in healing triggers and old wounds, to use your voice, to shed the “shoulds” and be truly seen. But how?

There are many roads to living your truth and loving your life that you can spend decades trying on and trying out. Transformational Coaching accelerates this process because it connects you to the source of where this transformation you’re sensing is arising.

Transformational coaching isn’t about “getting somewhere” as if there’s an ideal place everyone arrives.

True Transformation is a paradigm shift that radically expands your concept of Self and what’s possible for you.

In my coaching I illuminate patterns and potentialities, distortions and your true depth. I am a co-creator and sacred partner. I catalyze the evolution of consciousness. Together we Align, Allow, and Be®.

Because this work is not about doing. It’s about embodying your Being.

I create the conditions to see, heal and release what is constricting your flow. I facilitate a deeper connection to your innate wisdom, worthiness, and wholeness. I attune to your emerging potential. I hold healing space for profound integration and embodiment of a truer expression.

I don’t have a personal agenda around what you should experience. We plug directly into what wants to emerge in you right now that naturally propels you toward what you prefer to experience. With a coach experienced in transformation and SoulSelf embodiment, this process unfolds naturally with ease. It feels amazing to be seen and for your personal evolution to be witnessed and acknowledged.

My coaching becomes your cocoon for the evolution of your consciousness.

Hi, I’m Tracy King!

I’ve walked this path for more than 20 years and I got to tell ya, there was a lot less choose it and a lot more refuse it at the beginning of my journey! I felt that restlessness in my bones. I shoved down that dissonance until it was deafening. I searched for anything that could help me be all I felt inside, but felt powerless to step into what I knew was true for me.

It was when my dumpster fire moment arrived that I realized choosing it meant stepping into inquiry around all the ways I had been indoctrinated and the distortions of self that made up my identity.

I left a marriage. I left a religion. I struck out a path toward authenticity in the face of everyone telling me I was destroying my life and going to hell for it. But inside, I had awakened. I caught a glimpse of who I truly AM. I knew despite the fact I couldn’t see all this journey entailed, I could trust it.

I got to tell you though, it wasn’t a straight line from risking my entire world to anchoring in my SoulSelf. We heal at the level we are. It’s a spiral journey. We come back around again to wound work, rewiring beliefs, releasing conditioned constraints, recalibrating choice-making, all of it, taking our healing deeper until it is complete. There were zingy, connected, hell yes days. And there were WTF, doubting myself, shower cry days. Super normal! But I extended my stay in that back-and-forth land because I didn’t want to ask for help. It felt too vulnerable to let someone see how wide my swings between doubt and trust were, how lame I felt that I didn't seem able to integrate what I knew to be true so it became my default point of view. Can you hear the wound of toxic individuality in that? Maybe a smidge of the false belief that vulnerability = weakness? Yea, I didn't notice that wound for a good long time. A coach definitely could have helped me see and heal it a lot sooner!

All that to say, I took the long way around. But because I did, I am a spacious partner in this work. I have taken just about every side trip on the path of my Becoming to see whether there might be an easier way 😉. I will never judge your journey.   

I’m not like other coaches. I’m queer, nonbinary, and neurodivergent. My personal spirituality is pretty punk rock. I’m truth talk but also trauma informed. Transformation is my life’s work. Fun fact: I have a birthmark in the shape of a butterfly!

If you’re into HD, my Human Design is a 4/6 Manifesting Generator. I’m cosmic AF walking between worlds. My design is to shake shit up so more people awaken to the truth of who they are. My HD circuitry connects people with their voice and empowers them to live out their magnificence.

Why I Do This

✨I believe we are more powerful than we realize and can embody our SoulSelf perspective right now to radically shift our experience in this life.

✨I believe there is a process that naturally unfolds as we awaken, heal, detach from old patterns of being so that we can embody our true potential and purpose.

✨I believe the massive awakening underway is a tipping point for our collective, opening way for seismic shifts in our shared experience.

✨I believe social structures and old belief patterns prop up obstacles against our progress and we have an opportunity to obliterate them if we are willing to do the work. 

✨I believe transformational coaching can accelerate this process, deepen our healing, open way for clarity, and catalyze an entirely new way of Being in alignment with who we really are.

Still Wondering Whether Coaching Is Right For You? Check out this FAQ

What is Coaching?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” As a coach, I recognize you as the expert of your world and acknowledge you are creative, resourceful and whole. I powerfully partner with my coaching clients to close the gap between where they are and where they prefer to be in their life. Coaching is change-work.

What Coaching Isn’t

Coaching is not a quick fix; it’s relational, creative, supportive space set aside where you are truly heard and can see the way forward.

It’s not a one-size-fits all workflow; it’s unique to you, your experience, your goals.

It’s not therapy where one is assessed and diagnosed, often working through “why” content from past experiences contributing to one’s state of being and treatment intervention. While coaching is rooted in your lived experiences, we work within the present and focus upon what patterns may reveal for our future-forward work toward your ideal state.

It’s not about giving you advice; coaching is centered on calling forward your resourcefulness. We may reserve time for mentoring Q&A if that serves you.

What Kinds of Results Can I Expect?

Transformational Coaching is like a blank check from the Universe – paid to the order of You in the amount of the person you wish to Become! Together we will step into the stream of what you are seeking that is also seeking you. And in this space of revealing, healing, and becoming you may experience results such as:

  • Clarity about your path, decision making, what’s next for you
  • Confidence in who you are, your choice making, your relationships
  • Calm and ease as your default way of Being
  • Contentment in your life, and knowing how to create contentment when contrast arises
  • Access to your Creativity and flow state
  • Curious about the opportunities within challenges vs resistant and triggered
  • Connected to the innately wise and expansive You from which your Being flows.

Who do you wish to Become? We’ll make that our work. Remember, I’m not pressing for a particular achievement or benchmark – I’m here to help you perceive the reality of who you are and step more boldly into embodying that.

Is your Coaching NeuroInclusive?

I soooo want you to feel welcomed and safe here! I know what it feels like to be othered. I too am neurodivergent so it’s supremely important to me to create an experience where you can be you. Here are a few of the ways I create inclusive space.

  • Come as you are. We don’t apologize about coming to coaching in a blanket hoodie, the size of our bodies, our appearance, what emotions we’re feeling, or what level of energy we are bringing. My only request is that you be present and authentic.
  • Cameras on or off – you choose. Some people like cameras on and some find making eye contact distracts them from the work we’re doing. I’ll ask each session what your preference that day is.
  • Take the time you need. I will be allowing thinking, feeling, and processing space in our sessions. I do not interpret nonverbal time as disrespectful. I welcome you to communicate your needs so I can honor where you are in the moment.
  • Get away from your desk – if you want to. You can choose to join coaching sessions from your computer or a mobile device. If you feel most comfortable in a cozy chair, in the pillow pile on your bed, in front of your altar, in the woods – as long as you’ve got internet bandwidth we are good to go! You can access our sessions via Zoom mobile or Telegram.
  • Chat between sessions. We’ll meet bi-weekly, but still be connected in between. Don’t worry if there’s a question you forgot to ask, or an insight you wanted to process – you can chat me up in Telegram with secure messaging, voice notes, or video updates.
  • Fidgets welcome. Stimming is A-OK with me. Bring your fidgets that help you maintain focus. Stand and sway if that feels good. Stretch when you need to. If cameras are on you'll see me doing the same.

Ach! This Feels Scary!

Stepping into the mystery of your becoming doesn’t come with a lifeplan diagram so it can feel scary. And that’s OK. Caterpillar-to-butterfly metamorphosis isn’t just a new fuzzy worm coat (LOL!). The caterpillar literally dissolves in the cocoon – and when you’re dissolving old belief structures and stories and limiting lenses, it can feel like a death. It can feel like grief. It can feel like who am I to live into this dream? Well, you’re a f*cking butterfly, that’s who! The seeing, healing and releasing of old-you-not-You caterpillar constraints is what allows for an entirely new truth of you to emerge. The safe space of this coaching container helps ground and anchor this work, offers cocoon structure when you might feel like primordial ooze, and gives you tools to continue your becoming journey.

Transformation is organic. It can definitely feel disruptive (change is under way!), but as you experience the lightness of releasing all that’s not You, you begin to trust your magic. You get glimpses of who you truly are and know in the depths of your being what is possible for you.

Can We Talk Before I Commit To Coaching?

You bet! Hop into my calendar to coordinate a Chemistry Call to see whether coaching with me is right for you. Bring all your questions and we’ll find out if this is a hell yes.

What Happens After I Enroll?

Immediately upon enrolling you’ll have access to my coaching platform where you will:

  • Open your Welcome Guide so you know what’s what and where it is
  • Complete a short get-to-know-me survey
  • Coordinate our sessions and receive calendar invites with auto reminders
  • Connect with me on Telegram where we’ll chat between sessions
  • Download our pre and post session activities
  • Explore a host of free resources I've created just for you available in the Content tab of your dashboard.

Be sure to bookmark your dashboard for easy access! I can’t wait to connect with you 😊