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Renèe Dineen (she/her)

Renée is a human development thought leader playing at the intersection of business, psychology and wellbeing.

After 20 years in senior leadership roles, in 2015 she founded a global coaching and consulting firm
where she inspires leaders and teams to develop themselves while retaining their humanity and
authenticity. Renée co-authored a book called The Art & Truth of Transformation for Women, has been featured on several podcasts, presented on global stages including TedX, and published dozens of articles on the topics of leadership, coaching, and personal growth.

Un-Doing Overdoing Featuring Renèe Dineen

March 3, 2021

Don’t get it twisted, I like crossing items off a checklist as much as the next mystic, but when does productivity become a problem? When does doing become overdoing it and back you all the way into a doing addiction? Swing …