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Jennifer Hooper (she/her)

Certified Life Coach

There was a period in my life when I felt angry, sad, hurt, and ashamed. I believed I was unloveable, a failure, irresponsible, and utterly alone.

It started when my husband left me, followed by a year of financial devastation: bankruptcy, foreclosures, and a short sale. It was the same year my father lost his battle with brain cancer. I was an emotional wreck, barely present for my own life.

Over time, I pulled my life together. I cultivated grace, self-reliance, freedom, and peace. I learned to trust myself, and I grew my confidence. I released my anger, sadness, hurt, and shame. I created a life I love.

Today, I’m a certified life coach. I help women uncover and release the unconscious and emotional scars that are keeping them from the lives they deserve.

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Jan. 26, 2022

Show of hands, who has ever felt frustrated about circling back to a trigger or wound you thought you healed, but something is just not resolved? And best part – you’re not even sure what that something is! Well, buckle in f…