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Erin Newman (she/her)


Erin Newman is a speaker, author, Money Mindset Mentor, and Soul Fire Ignitrix for women entrepreneurs. She helps business owners to overcome mindset blocks to money and income so that they can truly do what lights them up in their business AND make the income they desire. Through a mixture of mindset and energetic healing tools, Erin helps women to finally vanquish the mind gremlins, follow their soul purpose, and create a new pathway to abundance, success, and joy.

Activate Your Abundance Featuring Erin Newman

Activate Your Abundance Featuring Erin Newman

May 4, 2022

Is abundance something we create or something we become? Join me and my guest, Subconscious Success Coach and Soul Fire Ignitrix Erin Newman, for a conversation about what abundance is, how to activate it in your life, and a…