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Allison Davis (she/her)

As a mother, ecotherapist, and counselor educator, Dr. Allison Davis, specializes in supporting mothers during “matrescence”, the developmental transitions of motherhood. Her Rewild Mothering approach to maternal mental wellness, grounded in the natural world, weaves together modern research and ancient wisdom to help mothers root into who they are and who they are becoming. Throughout the perinatal period and beyond, Allison helps mothers grow into the wild guides they envision for themselves, their family, and our planet.

Mother Wounds and Wild Awakenings Featuring Allie Davis

Mother Wounds and Wild Awakenings Featuring Allie Davis

May 12, 2021

If we can better understand our mothers, we can better understand ourselves. In todays’ conversation, we’re exploring the complex wounds and rites of motherhood that leave womxn forever changed. My guest, Dr. Allison Davis, …