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March 3, 2021

Un-Doing Overdoing Featuring Renèe Dineen

Un-Doing Overdoing Featuring Renèe Dineen

Don’t get it twisted, I like crossing items off a checklist as much as the next mystic, but when does productivity become a problem? When does doing become overdoing it and back you all the way into a doing addiction? Swing by today’s episode to chat with Renèe Dineen about how breaking the addiction to doing is a key to authentic living and lifelong success.

Are you the kind of person who likes to check things off a list (and has been known to ADD items to a checklist even once accomplished to get the satisfaction of checking it off)? Or, the type who schedules your weekends, schedules your vacations, potentially a planner addict, who is determined to maximize your minutes? Perhaps, when someone asks, “tell me about yourself,” you launch into a description of your career and all the things you DO for work, family, your community, others whoever they may be? I guess what I’m getting at is: Is your identity rooted in what you DO?

In episode 7 we tackle the tricky balance between doing and being. If you're addicted to doing, tune in to access tips for realigning what you do with who you are.

Bonus: I asked Renèe about her take on how we can step into alignment with our career. We so often choose a career based upon what we're good at, and hopefully interested in, that will generate the resources and benefits for the kind of life we want. That's what we're taught to aspire toward. But what if what makes you money right now doesn't directly align with what you'd prefer to do? How do you reposition yourself into a more aligned career? Listen in to hear practical tips and how our stories may inspire your next move.

Be sure to check out Renee's TEDx Talk, Authentic inaction: undoing the doing in a do-crazy world and access those lovely resources she mentioned on her Authentic Inaction site here.

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Renèe Dineen (she/her)

Renée is a human development thought leader playing at the intersection of business, psychology and wellbeing.

After 20 years in senior leadership roles, in 2015 she founded a global coaching and consulting firm
where she inspires leaders and teams to develop themselves while retaining their humanity and
authenticity. Renée co-authored a book called The Art & Truth of Transformation for Women, has been featured on several podcasts, presented on global stages including TedX, and published dozens of articles on the topics of leadership, coaching, and personal growth.

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Apryl Nichols-Baker (she/her)

Apryl Nichols-Baker fell in love with her personal practice after a long battle with untreated Chronic Lyme Disease. She is no stranger to the mental, physical, and spiritual healing power of yoga. As her personal practice began to deepen, she was inspired to complete a yoga teacher training. Apryl is passionate about the philosophy surrounding the ancient practice and is focused on functional movement of the body to maintain a strong mind+body+spirit connection. Apryl constantly dives into books and continuing- education trainings to learn more about the practice and ways we can inspire others on their wellness journey. She encourages students to come out of the mind and into their bodies. Her goal is to have students walk out of class feeling more grounded, calm, and connected to their true self.