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May 17, 2023

Reclaiming Aging Featuring Jeanne Andrus

Reclaiming Aging Featuring Jeanne Andrus

In a world that equates wellness with youth, how can we reclaim the wisdom of aging? How might we rebel against the norms that devalue the epiphanies inherent in allowing our rights of passage to unfold naturally? Join me and Menopause Guru Jeanne Andrus as we explore what the spiritual journey of menopause calls forward that could be key to healing our relationships and communities.

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If you have a uterus, whether you are female or assigned female at birth, that's what AFAB means by the way, or if you have a relationship of any kind with someone who has a uterus, then this conversation is for you.

So for everyone, glad we got that straight! 

For far too long, the transition into menopause has been treated with distain, to such an extend the medical community fully doesn't understand what a metamorphosis is underway let alone how to partner with people with uteruses to navigate it.

It's not just the cessation of blood y'all. Menopause enacts changes on every system of the body.

I've become pretty invested in this topic given I slipped into menopause in 2020 during lockdown without proper information or support. I don't want that to happen to you and those you love. That's why I've invited Jeanne Andrus, the Menopause Guru, to the table to shed light on this extraordinarily natural process.

It's time to reclaim the Crone! And when you realize crone means crown, that's right! Claim your crown, Queen!

In this convo we talk about

  • the critical role estrogen plays in AFAB body chemistry and wellbeing
  • the anthropological origins of the menopause experience
  • why many women seem to undergo a personality change around menopause (the reason will surprise you!)
  • how cortisol is experienced differently for people in perimenopause and menopause - and why
  • how these system wide changes impact our relationships, specifically our partnerships
  • what it might mean to reclaim the meaning of this natural process, and step boldly into our crone era

I invite you to hop into the comments with your questions and stories. We'd love to interact with you!

One of the reasons I'm a touch outraged is medical professionals are not adequately trained in menopause care, and you'll hear from Jeanne's story one example how MDs in their specialized brains do not consistently consider menopause as the cause of systemic health issues which tragically leads to incorrect care and treatment. Here's a quick and dirty overview of the issues.

A few resources on what's shifting in HRT research:




It's important to listen to your body and assemble a trusted team to navigate your journey in a way that's aligned for you.

Jeanne AndrusProfile Photo

Jeanne Andrus

Menopause Mastery Coach

At the age of 48, Jeanne Andrus was thrown out of her own life by the symptoms of perimenopause. After finding her way through the symptoms and achieving health and happiness, she found her own personal mission in helping other women go through this transition with grace and ease.