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March 22, 2023

Life Design Featuring Shana Francesca

Life Design Featuring Shana Francesca

Do you walk in a room and catch its vibe? Some spaces make us feel tired or anxious while others may help us feel focused and energized. Curious why? Join me and interior + life design expert Shana Francesca for a conversation about what our spaces say about us and how we can design spaces that support more joyful and connected lives.

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This conversation will blow your mind!

Growing up I was the kid wanting to rearrange their room every other week - who has always experimented with my spaces because it just FELT good. When you hop in and listen to what my guest Shana Francesca has to say about this, you'll know why.

We explore

  • What do your spaces say about you?
  • How can we craft our spaces to intentionally feel/be in alignment with what we want for our lives?
  • How can we apply the energetics of space design to life design to achieve new breakthroughs?

Y'all it's SO GOOD!

Hop in the comments to share your insights. 

Shana Francesca (she/her)Profile Photo

Shana Francesca (she/her)

Founder & CEO, Speaker & Author

Shana Francesca is a speaker, writer and entrepreneur. She helps people live more joyful and connected lives through the principles of life design. Shana believes our present and future are transformed when we infuse our lives with intention, we design our lives and realize the power in accepting ourselves as the author of our story.