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Feb. 22, 2023

Activate The Sacred Healer Within Featuring Brighid Murphy

Activate The Sacred Healer Within Featuring Brighid Murphy

What exactly is healing? And who does the healing? In this episode, my guest Brighid Murphy shares how we can connect with the sacred healer within and the physical, emotional, and spiritual outcomes that become possible. And while we’re talking about healing, you won’t want to miss our convo on the intersection of justice and wellness. Join us!

Where does healing come from?

Growing up in fundamentalism, healing was something that came from outside of me but I somehow had the power to reject it. At least that's the storytelling if you pray for healing and don't receive it. It's not God's will for you to be healed or you rejected God's healing. Either way, tough luck.

If you're deconstructing religion, there are some belief structures around what healing is, who does the healing, and missing pieces around what it means to align with and allow wholeness in our life.

  • What becomes available to us when we connect with who we really are?
  • When we tune into our knowingness?
  • When we have convos with our body about what's going on?
  • When we become an active participant in transcending suffering in our life?

If you're working through that process, there's support for you here in this episode.

Just for a minute, consider what can pivot as we shift from the belief system that we are flawed from birth, unworthy, impure, broken, requiring external saving, to recognizing our soul sovereignty? What now becomes possible?

In this episode, my guest Brighid Murphy and I explore how to activate this in our lives, how we can unlock our ability to heal and transform.

Brighid coaches healers - because healers have to do their own work to hold healing spaces! You know the conversation around the intersection of justice and wellness is important to me, and I asked Brighid about how this shows up in her work. It's a can't-miss moment.

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Brighid Murphy (she/her)

Transformational Healing Coach

Brighid Murphy is a transformational healer and coach. She developed the Sacred Listening Method and empowers people to shift their consciousness through deep listening and communicating with their soul. She’s a certified shamanic practitioner with the Church of Earth Healing and an ordained Interfaith Minister. Brighid delivers her Sacred Listening Method through her Soul Path Programs where she encourages the practice of spiritual growth.

Her transformative teachings, training and private mentoring have helped 100’s of people transform their lives. With 25 years of experience in guiding others, Brighid's personal journey through physical illness and emotional trauma drives her passion to help others heal and live their soul purpose.