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Sept. 7, 2022

Align Your Life Featuring Jean Hanson

Align Your Life Featuring Jean Hanson

How would your reality shift if you had absolute clarity about your purpose and a profound connection with your Guide Team? Well, let’s make that happen! I’m joined by Jean Hanson, healer and medium, who helps people align with their purpose and tap into Higher Guidance to navigate your soul’s journey.

Purpose can feel illusive. Like a mirage in the daily grind desert.

I get it.

I've got the benefit of a years and a bit wider hindsight and can tell you, whenever you lean into what feels authentic to you, that is purpose. 

Purpose is who you are.

A quick reflection:

  • Am I limiting how purpose might express itself in my life by defining it as a career?
  • Am I limiting how I might express my authenticity because other people might have opinions?
  • Am I tuned in and trusting my inner guidance about my purpose?

So here's the thing, purpose might be expressed through your career, but it might not start that way. You can begin to step into purpose by just being your authentic self and following your curiosity in alignment with your inner guidance system.

My guest, Jean Hanson, perfectly embodies this. She didn't one day wake up and BOOM healer and medium. Nope. She followed her curiosity, trusted her higher guidance, and took action in the direction of what was aligned with who she is and is becoming. That is how it's done!

So if you have that itch that you're meant for more, trust it. But instead of looking outside of yourself for something to "do" consider who you are BEING. And each step will suggest the next one.

Tune into this conversation for inspiration and practical takeaways on aligning your life with your purpose and connecting with the clarity that is always available to you supporting your dream for this life.

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Jean Hanson (she/her)

Higher Guidance Life Coach / Body Code Practitioner / Harmonic Egg owner / author

Jean Hanson is a Certified Higher Guidance Life Coach, energy healer and co-owner of Realign Your Life Wellness Center in Mesa, Arizona. Prior to this, Jean and her husband, Steve, owned two successful companies that helped thousands of business owners through the tools and guidance they provided for their online community. Answering the call of their own higher guidance, they sold their last company, sold their home in Minnesota, and moved across the country to start another business to help others heal, while at the same time realizing their dream of living in Arizona.