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Aug. 10, 2022

Rebalance Your Base Featuring Tracy King

Rebalance Your Base Featuring Tracy King

Our bodies weren’t made for chronic stress and ambient anxiety. So what do we do when we’re feeling tossed by all the turbulence? Tune into this episode where I share easy access practices for rebalancing your root chakra PLUS a little bit of Mount Shasta magic!

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Deep exhale.

If it feels like a bit much right now, press pause on the pressure pummel machine and tune into the nourishing wisdom of Mount Shasta. This episode is an oasis - and you can stay as long as you want.

I kicked off my tour of the chakras of the Earth this summer at the magnificent Mount Shasta:

When we come in contact with the energetics of power places it's profound because that resonance is healing and revealing - it shows us what wants our attention, what wants to emerge, what wants to level up to match that resonance. I share my experience and the Mama Shasta insights that alchemized from knowing to feeling and full resonance in me -- let me know how they land with you!

It's so easy to set aside our practices when we get busy thinking we'll be right back but then the disruptions around us derail us from the place of maintenance back into crisis. Don't fret about it or criticize yourself about it or entertain any shame about it. Pick up the thread of rebalancing your base - and maybe even try something new from the array of recos I offer for reconnecting to your root chakra - fortifying your foundation.



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Tracy King (she/they)

Gritty Mystic

Tracy King is a transformation catalyst. As an intuitive channel and transformational teacher, Tracy reveals where her clients are in the levels of awakening to take the guess work out of divine development allowing for more "YES!" and less "WTF?!" They’re not like other coaches. Tracy is queer, nonbinary, and neurodivergent. They offer truth talk but are also trauma informed. Learn more about Tracy’s journey and connect with their esteemed guests on the Gritty Mystic podcast featuring tips, tools, and techniques to become the most authentic and powerful You!