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May 18, 2022

Science of Soul Featuring Tracy King

Science of Soul Featuring Tracy King

After leaving the structure of religion, the wide-open field of choice designing an authentic and empowered life can feel overwhelming. In this episode, Tracy King shares the Science of Soul, a 7-part process that maps your hero’s journey from awakening to embodying your full self. Within this framework, orient to where you are, see your progress, and choose supportive practices for each stage in your Becoming.

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Divine development is a You thing. You get to choose how deep you want to go in your journey of becoming.

This freedom can feel overwhelming, particularly for those leaving the structure of institutionalized religion. I know I felt that way after my awakening! Well, in this episode, I share a framework (not a religion replacement) that can help you identify where you are in your journey so you can better identify the practices that will assist you at your stage of growth.

And it's Spiritual Alchemy. What the Dennis William Hauck calls the Science of Soul.

The seven stages are

  1. Calcination
  2. Dissolution
  3. Separation
  4. Conjunction
  5. Fermentation
  6. Distillation
  7. Coagulation

Each stage focuses on a key transformation that results in transmutation - profound change, changing from one state of being to a new one entirely. Caterpillar to butterfly level change. And when you know what stage you're in, you can more readily identify the types of practices that will support you and the types of pitfalls to look out for to create momentum around your becoming.

The seven stages are grouped into three larger phases which perfectly align with the Align, Allow, Be framework - pure synchronistic magic!

In this episode I offer a high level overview of each stage and sampling of supportive practices. There's lots more we can dig into to really flesh out the real world experience of each stage. But think of the overall process like this: Imagine you're an iceberg. 

Your conscious mind is above the water. You experience light and air. Maybe a bird lands on you. It's the above water environment. Even though you may not realize it or may infrequently acknowledge it, there's a lot of you under water too. The part of your iceberg under the water, hidden from the light is your subconscious mind.

In the first three stages of Spiritual Alchemy, we undergo a thorough review of our conscious and subconscious minds. We eradicate old useless structures in our life. We examine our beliefs, our shadow side, our wounds. We release the garbage, the old agreements, old roles, old bullshit that prevented us from living an authentic life. We engage in deep healing practices because through these stages our true essence is being revealed and it is gorgeous.

By the end of the third stage, we realize we are one iceberg. The above and below the water line minds are integrated. And that's fucking powerful!

But THEN something incredible happens!

In the fourth stage we realize we are more. We are not just the iceberg, we are the ocean too!

This realization of your greater self, your divinity, your pure potentiality is a second awakening. Awakening to who you REALLY are. At Conjunction with the conscious and subconscious mind merge, a new state of consciousness is "born." You realize you are a creator being. What happens next depends on what you do with that knowledge.

If you choose to continue in your becoming on the Spiritual Alchemy journey, the final three stages shift toward the development and expansion of SoulSelf Consciousness. They are about releasing any wounding that still remains while shifting focus within your practices to embodying, integrating, BEING the SoulSelf. Becoming the ocean.

Now, important reminder: This is a framework. This is a map of the journey to becoming the most authentic and powerful You. This is a spiritual technology for living from your SoulSelf (higher self) point of view. And yet nothing is REQUIRED of you. You can choose this journey or just a part of it. No one is requiring you to achieve anything. You choose.

But if you are down for the ride of your life, embracing the full potential of who you are, I'm here for it!

Tune into the episode and let me know what questions bubble up -- let's connect!


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Tracy King (she/they)

Gritty Mystic

Tracy King is a transformation catalyst. As an intuitive channel and transformational teacher, Tracy reveals where her clients are in the levels of awakening to take the guess work out of divine development allowing for more "YES!" and less "WTF?!" They’re not like other coaches. Tracy is queer, nonbinary, and neurodivergent. They offer truth talk but are also trauma informed. Learn more about Tracy’s journey and connect with their esteemed guests on the Gritty Mystic podcast featuring tips, tools, and techniques to become the most authentic and powerful You!