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March 9, 2022

Relationships as Spiritual Practice Featuring Rasath1

Relationships as Spiritual Practice Featuring Rasath1

Relationships can be a haven, but they also reveal what needs to be acknowledged and healed within us. In this episode, my guest Rasath1 and I consider the lessons of our interpersonal and cosmic collective relationships on our journey of becoming our most authentic and empowered selves.

In this era shifting from "ME" to "WE" consciousness, playing with the pyrotechnics of intentional co-creation as a collective, we begin to understand this connectedness in our relationships which serve as microcosms of the greater relationship we have with the collective. 

Relationships serve as mirrors for what needs to be seen and healed. They can be havens for that healing or feel more like trials by fire ;). Relationships often become our personal trigger laboratory surfacing old programming, limiting beliefs, unhealed trauma, assumptions, seed reasons for our reactivity to our conscious awareness where we can choose our next move. 

Sometimes the junk that comes up is about the relationship, and sometimes it's about our leading edge of growth.

In this conversation with Rasathi, we explore the terrain of growing and thriving in relationships. How can we be seen, heard and held in our relationships? The role of curiosity in our communication and what happens when our partner asks for something we don't want to give? We explore what boundaries in evolving relationships mean and the deeper work in relationships beyond reciprocity.

We also touch on Rasathi's specialty - cross cultural relationships. As we become more culturally integrated on this planet, new challenges and opportunities arise to better understand and care for each other. 

In this episode you'll find good old reminders alongside big aha's for seeing your relationships in a whole new way.

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Rasath1 (she/her)

Mom, Coach, Speaker, Actress

Rasathi is the owner of the brand Rasath1 and is the host of the NightOwl Podcast. She is an international coach and speaker and specializes in Emotional Intelligence. Her style of teaching is a blend of intuition and logic which helps her clients to sort out their emotions and better understand their relationships in order to restore confidence and dignity.