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Feb. 9, 2022

Accessing the Subconscious Through Movement Featuring Lucia Yess

Accessing the Subconscious Through Movement Featuring Lucia Yess

If your perception of yoga is stuck at “exercise,” you’re missing its inherent power to access and release subconscious trauma. Those crunchy shoulders and complaining hip joints are likely holding stuck emotions alongside physical tension. Join me and my guest Lucia Yess to learn more about how yoga can help us heal our hurts and why that work is more vital now than ever.

My friends! This is such a life altering episode. If I knew about the concepts we explore in this conversation as a kid, it would have radically changed my life.

Growing up in a body shaming, body denying, your body will tempt you into sin cult-ure, I grew to distrust and even loathe my body. I did not feel safe or at home in it. Stored up quite a bit of anger and and disgust for it.

If only I would have known that the feelings and sensations in my body are part of a hyper-attuned system of knowing that can deeply inform my decision making.

I watched from my living room back in the day when Oprah came out with her "trust your gut" episode. And I resonated hard. My gut was talking all the time but I was shushing it. Disowning it. And all along that intuition, that subconscious knowing, that nonlinear intelligence was patiently trying to offer me valuable information. 

I started experimenting with intuition then and grew to trust it more and more, but still I didn't understand all the ways my body communicates with me. It's not just a stomach flip warning or tingly yes connection. When we endure trauma, when we encounter big scary feelings, when we aren't equipped to process deep fears that shit gets stored in our bodies. Not just our memories. In our body.

In this episode I share a massive realization around this that happened to me around the time I started my first business. And I'm joined at the table by the fabulous Lucia Yess of the award winning Yess Yoga studio for a timely and heart felt conversation about the power of yoga to access and shift subconscious holds in our body.

And if you don't think yoga is for you, there are many body movement modalities that can help us open that awareness so we can see, realize, love on what needs to be healed. This Healthline article explores some thoughts about why hips are the junk drawer of our emotions and introduces Candance Pert's work bringing the medical community up to speed on the neurochemical basis for her famous quote, "The body is your subconscious mind." 

Let us know what resonated for you and what inspired action you might now take.


Lucia Yess (she/her)Profile Photo

Lucia Yess (she/her)

Founder/Owner of Yess Yoga

Lucia has traveled around the globe in her pursuit to learn all she can about the art of yoga. She has studied ancient approaches to the practice and realized yoga is more than a workout. It is a way of life. Lucia’s classes are focused on integrating a healthy mind, body and soul, both on and off the mat. By applying the principles of yoga to everyday life, Lucia has found a deeper sense of peace and happiness.

Lucia completed training in teaching trauma informed yoga and teaches classes in a trauma aware style.