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Jan. 26, 2022

Live The Life You Deserve Featuring Jennifer Hooper

Live The Life You Deserve Featuring Jennifer Hooper

Show of hands, who has ever felt frustrated about circling back to a trigger or wound you thought you healed, but something is just not resolved? And best part – you’re not even sure what that something is! Well, buckle in for this episode teeing up your next personal breakthrough! My guest, Jennifer Hooper, and I deep dive into identifying the unconscious trip wires that keep us stuck.

What do we do when the thing that's keeping us stuck in life is unconscious?

Sometimes even when we're doing the work of examining our triggers, healing and integrating our shadow side, dedicating daily time to our Align-Allow practices, we still bump up against things that feel unresolved. Hidden scars. 

We know that healing looks more like a spiral journey than a straight line. We heal at the level we are and may need to take another pass or two as we mature to take that healing deeper. 

But what if you don't even know what the heck is crying out for attention?

Over the next few episodes of Gritty Mystic® we're going to explore different ways to make the unconscious conscious so we can see it, understand it, offer ourselves some compassion and make a choice about how we'd like to heal and integrate that wound.

I was really excited to chat with Jennifer Hooper because I hadn't heard about Timeline Therapy and I was really curious about it. From my other live in the learning sciences, I know how deeply embedded vivid memories are in the brain and our psyche and that the brain actually reassembles memories, adding a layer of meaning to them which can have a profound effect on us. And sometimes when those reconsolidated memories are particularly wounding, they are compartmentalized so we can cope.

Still there, still impacting our lives, but not top of mind. Unconscious.

In this episode, Jennifer shares how Timeline Therapy helps us resurface what lies hidden. We differentiate lowercase "t" trauma and capital "T" trauma. Jennifer calls out the difference between how emotions vs. thoughts attached to these memories impact our day-to-day lives. And how identifying the root cause is absolutely transformational.

Also of note: I am not a physician or licensed therapist. If you are struggling with Trauma, please consult a medical professional as you build aligned support around you on your healing path.

Friends, we've got to see it to heal it. When we can identify the root cause of triggers, what's setting off our anger or sadness or crippling anxiety - we have the opportunity to do something about it. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on our conversation. Have you tried Timeline Therapy? Hop into the comments in Instagram to let us know your thoughts, insights and questions.

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Jennifer Hooper (she/her)

Certified Life Coach

There was a period in my life when I felt angry, sad, hurt, and ashamed. I believed I was unloveable, a failure, irresponsible, and utterly alone.

It started when my husband left me, followed by a year of financial devastation: bankruptcy, foreclosures, and a short sale. It was the same year my father lost his battle with brain cancer. I was an emotional wreck, barely present for my own life.

Over time, I pulled my life together. I cultivated grace, self-reliance, freedom, and peace. I learned to trust myself, and I grew my confidence. I released my anger, sadness, hurt, and shame. I created a life I love.

Today, I’m a certified life coach. I help women uncover and release the unconscious and emotional scars that are keeping them from the lives they deserve.