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Jan. 6, 2021

Celebrate Your Inner Deviant Featuring Ramses Rodriguez

Celebrate Your Inner Deviant Featuring Ramses Rodriguez

Your personal power is rooted in authenticity – but what if being you in all your glory is askew the norms others have set for you? Time to tune in and celebrate your inner deviant! We’ll visit with Ramses Rodriguez whose story will inspire you to be bold, be you, and be seen. Subscribe and leave your comments to join the conversation.

It’s official! We’ve hereby reclaimed the word deviant in all its divine glory!

A deviant is someone who departs from norms, who doesn’t pattern-match to please others, who owns their authenticity whether that’s wearing mismatched socks or collecting six-foot-tall crystals. We’re not talking about pathological behavior here – we’re talking about the fact that deviance is not inherently bad. In fact deviance is required to enact social change. A deviant challenges the “norm” in “normal” and by their very authenticity showcases the gorgeous variety of ways of being. Celebrating your inner deviant is not about wandering astray, it’s about affirming you are perfect in your own becoming.  In fact, I hereby reclaim this word! Because why would you WANT to be flavorless and invisible? No hon! Be you, be bold, be seen!

In this conversation, we talk about how standing in our authenticity has been a call to buck othering norms just to be who we are. Ramses shares his incredible story working through the choice points of following a path expected of him or standing in his authenticity. It’s not always easy! But it’s worth it – and Ramses story is a true inspiration.

Got to mention though, in this episode we kick off a larger conversation. You may notice we answer some questions but some we don’t! Celebrating your inner deviant starts with recognizing who you are, owning and embracing it so you can fully BE – but also, often, engaging with a world that may not embrace you back. There are some FEELINGS in this episode, and I know you’ll have some too. I invite you to engage with us in that conversation. Leave comments, insights and questions in FB or Instagram about your experiences and what’s worked for you as you celebrate the gorgeous unicorn you are.

Be blessed!

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Ramses Rodriguez (he/him)

From writer's block and procrastination to panic attacks and self-doubt, Ramses Rodriguez has overcome the obstacles of anxiety in its various forms. Ramses is an expert in helping careerists heal from anxiety by uncovering the source of the problem and removing it from the picture- he reveals the root cause of anxiety in his books of "Stop Pressing Your Own Panic Button" and "The End of Writer's block." Ramses is currently the Lead Author Success Coach for The Author Incubator where he helps author write books with ease and flow! He lives in Virginia and spend much of his time understanding the physical and metaphysical manifestations of the vibration of anxiety!