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Jan. 12, 2022

Trust Your Intuitive Gifts Featuring J. Ryan

Trust Your Intuitive Gifts Featuring J. Ryan

Part of becoming the most authentic and powerful you is letting go of all the ways you don’t allow yourself to be the most authentic and powerful you YOU can be. Join me and my guest J. Ryan for a conversation about trusting and developing your intuitive gifts so you can fully express your purpose.

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What is it that stifles your voice or causes you to shrink from being seen? 

Let's just take a minute to really examine where that's coming from and what might need to be healed so you can step more fully and JOYFULLY into your gifts.

In this episode we chat about how some fears, anxieties and even trauma can be inherited. We'll dive more deeply into epigenetics in a future episode, but for the moment, consider that some of the very real reticence to step into your power is from critics in this life but also residual trauma from your lineage. One term for that is the witch wound. If you've never come across that concept, give it a Google. There are lots of stories and eloquent descriptions of the phenomenon. See what resonates.

Whether you call the fear to be seen, heard, and powerful a witch wound or something else - right now is the time to see it so you can heal it. 

I mean, just imagine for a moment if we dedicated as much energy into developing our intuitive gifts as we do denying them. How would that radically shift your way of being?

In this episode I'm joined by the extraordinary J. Ryan who shares his journey developing his intuitive gifts and what it's like to be a professional psychic medium. It's heartfelt. It's candid. It's energizing. Pull up a chair and get in on it!

A couple items mentioned in the conversation you may be curious about -- The Eye is a metaphysical store in Minneapolis offering in-person and online products and services. You can book a reading with J. Ryan through the website or by giving The Eye a call. There was also mention of Llewellyn, the oldest and largest independent publisher of books for body, mind and spirit also located in Minneapolis. You can check out their catalog online.

Can't wait to hear about how this episode inspires you in your journey!

J. Ryan (he/him)Profile Photo

J. Ryan (he/him)

Psychic Medium and Life Coach

A tarot reader of nearly 20 years, J. Ryan brings a mix of spiritual, psychological, and actionable steps to his readings. Reading full time in Minneapolis, Minnesota, J. Ryan offers tarot, palm, crystal ball, and mediumship readings.

He began reading for himself as a way to process and anticipate coming out of the closet and now, nearly 20 years later has come out twice. Once as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and again as a practicing psychic medium.