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Dec. 15, 2021

Winter Solstice Wisdom Featuring Tracy King

Winter Solstice Wisdom Featuring Tracy King

Grab a warm beverage and let’s get cozy chatting about the wisdom of the winter solstice and Yuletide meaning-making. As the calendar year draws to a close, this is the perfect time to give yourself a moment to reflect on what the growing light will bring for you in the coming year.

Take a walk in the woods with me!

I used to be one of those people who loved the holiday season this time of year but hated the season. I mean, winter in Minnesota can get harsher than harsh, but aside the deadly temps, I was missing the gorgeous life-giving message this season offers us.

  • Get cozy and hibernate a bit so you can reflect and recharge
  • Embrace the rhythm of winter

In the Midwest the seasons are distinct so here the trees are bare, there are less scampering creatures and birds about, days are shorter and the layers are layered. Warm beverages aren't just caffeine carriages, they warm hands and steam noses. Warm towels out of the dryer are a treat. Fuzzy hooded onesie PJs make their appearance and frankly become great day wear when we just don't go out as much as we do in the warmer months.

The rhythm of the season is just about opposite to the holiday hustle and bustle that leaves us exhausted come the new year. It's asking us to take a fucking break. Insert pause moments wherever you can fit them.

A good time to do this is Winter Solstice.

In this episode, I offer my lay person overview of the Wheel of the Year (which has come to mean a lot to me) and zero in on fun ways to embrace the wisdom of Winter Solstice.

Look, if you've got a bunch of holiday doing going on, there's no need to add more of that. This is a day asking you to sit and breathe. To reflect on the past year and consider where you'll apply your energy in the next. It's a chance to realize, yeah days are shorter but NOW they are about to get longer again. The hope born in the return of the sun and growing light is sure to lift your spirits! It lifts mine.

But if you are interested in adding something special to your holiday observance, Yule it up with some of the ideas from this episode.

Also know there are lots of ideas, recipes, traditions, crafts for kiddos, and magical moments you can explore online. Google will introduce you.

No demanding. No shoulding. Create a day designed to Align, Allow and Be.

Let me know what you'll be doing to mark this solstice!

Happy Yule :)

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Tracy King (she/they)

Gritty Mystic

Tracy King catalyzes transformation. For more than 20 years she has dedicated her career to designing and delivering transformational learning experiences. Tracy is a master learning designer, professional development consultant, and owns an instructional design agency. Their work synthesizing how brains learn into a model for crafting transformational experiences has been featured on NBC, ABC, FOX, Forbes and hundreds of nationally syndicated television, newspaper, and magazine outlets. As an intuitive channel and transformational teacher, Tracy's podcast, Gritty Mystic®, holds space for illuminating conversations on personal development inspiring divine breakthroughs. Join Tracy and her guests for tips, tools and techniques for becoming the most powerful and authentic You.