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Sept. 15, 2021

Embodying Your Soul Self Featuring Erin Chandler

Embodying Your Soul Self Featuring Erin Chandler

There is a massive awakening of intuitive gifts underway – but how do we step into those gifts with clarity and confidence? Join me and my guest Erin Chandler as we confront the conditioning that intuitive gifts are BS and embrace the evidence that grounds this powerful gift, allowing us to step into an expanded level of consciousness.

This conversation is everything. If you have been awakening to new abilities, the realization that we create our reality, and connecting with intelligence you did not previously know was available - that can be exciting or feel a little crazycakes. 

We've got you.

In this episode, Erin and I talk about the upleveling happening right now and how to step boldly into your giftedness.

Got to tell you though, this episode gets gritty.

We don't typically embark on epic transformation in our life if we're comfy and cozy where we are. It often takes a Tower moment, a tragedy, a crash and burn where you can either throw up your hands or embrace the journey to build a life you love.

Easier said? I'll tell you, there's a lot more ease in that process if you have community. A place to validate your gifts. A place to affirm what you are experiencing and develop abilities with intention. 

But wait, there's more. 

Join me and Erin for a conversation not only about deepening your awakening gifts, but the pure potential now available in embodying your Soul Self.

Get in on it!

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Erin Chandler (she/her)

Erin Chandler is a healer, intuitive guide, author, teacher and psychic medium, helping others open, expand and master their intuitive gifts.