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Jan. 6, 2021

Create Your Future Featuring Kris Finger

Create Your Future Featuring Kris Finger

Let’s get clear on what we want this year. Tune in for a stunning brain hack and several ingenious ways to vision board the life of your dreams. And make that sh*t happen. Subscribe and leave your comments in Facebook or Instagram to join the conversation.

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In Episode 2 we explored options for clarifying what we want to manifest in our life and how vision boarding can be one tool in your kit for making it happen. Not only did Kris walk us through the steps of vision boarding and a whole host of options for how to put that work together, we also chat about how our brain’s attention mechanism takes this work and helps you notice when people, information, and opportunities in alignment with your goals. Brilliant!

A few items we referenced in this episode you may want to explore on your own

While you can join a workshop, invite Kris to facilitate a workshop, buy a vision boarding workbook, or wing it, there are a few digital options as well. For several years I’ve set aside items in a Pinterest board and popped them on a PowerPoint slide I can save as a PDF and print. Other tools include the Visuapp https://visuapp.github.io/, Dream it Alive www.dreamitalive.com and iWish www.iwishbucketlist.com.

Are there tools you’ve used and adore that you’d like to share? Let us know!

At the end of the episode I shared an Isis Oracle card. The deck is by Alana Fairchild https://alanafairchild.com/product/isis-oracle/ It’s stunning!

Kris Finger (she/her)Profile Photo

Kris Finger (she/her)

Kris Finger is a site selection master for kick-ass conferences and conventions. She works with collaborative corporate and association meeting planners to identify the perfect location for a variety of events such as conferences, concerts, film locations, trade shows, sporting events, board retreats, incentive trips and committee meetings. Kris has travelled the world - scouring unique natural wonders, sleeping in luxury hotels and resorts, walking thousands of steps touring theaters, meeting rooms and restaurants - constantly searching for the best locations to bring her groups. She's a contract wizard, who works hand in hand with clients through all phases of the event from beginning to end.

Apryl Nichols-Baker (she/her)Profile Photo

Apryl Nichols-Baker (she/her)

Apryl Nichols-Baker fell in love with her personal practice after a long battle with untreated Chronic Lyme Disease. She is no stranger to the mental, physical, and spiritual healing power of yoga. As her personal practice began to deepen, she was inspired to complete a yoga teacher training. Apryl is passionate about the philosophy surrounding the ancient practice and is focused on functional movement of the body to maintain a strong mind+body+spirit connection. Apryl constantly dives into books and continuing- education trainings to learn more about the practice and ways we can inspire others on their wellness journey. She encourages students to come out of the mind and into their bodies. Her goal is to have students walk out of class feeling more grounded, calm, and connected to their true self.