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June 9, 2021

Reclaiming Your Power (Food Edition) Featuring Melissa Smith

Reclaiming Your Power (Food Edition) Featuring Melissa Smith

The body positivity movement is gaining momentum challenging unrealistic standards and the ways society perpetuates fat phobia. But it’s not just about feeling positive. Today I share my tussles with body image healing as part of my wellness journey and invite you to an important conversation with Dietician and Intuitive Eating Coach Melissa Smith ranging from the commercialization of disordered eating to practical steps you can take today to improve your relationship with your body.

What's your first recollection of wondering if your body shape and size is OK? When you first became conscious of the constant stream of messages about what "healthy," "beautiful," "fit," "sexy" is supposed to look like. 

I share my story in this episode. I was a frickin kid. Probably about 8.

But when you're 8, you don't see the commercialization of disordered eating. You don't see the industries counting on your lifelong weight cycling to sell their products. That it's not about your health at all.

It's not just because I have personal beef about this (I do), but because our relationship with our body is part of experiencing (or not experiencing) wholeness. We live in a physical dimension. We're experiencing the vast array of what's possible here through a body. Integrating our physical and spiritual experiences are part of an awakening journey. Your body is a PART of that process, not in spite of it. It's a complex part of your consciousness, and if you listen, it's got loads to share with you.​

When I met Melissa, I immediately knew I wanted to interview her because she so clearly articulates the transformative power of tuning into what the body needs as a pathway to health and wellbeing. She's got a personal stake in this conversation and loads of tips, tools and techniques to confront diet culture's insidious influence in your life and take steps to trust your own damn self - making choices in alignment with health. It's called intuitive eating. And it's a revelation.

Mellissa also offers her definition of health which is not what you'll hear in a summer bod ad or even a doctor's office. 

I love this conversation because we dig into some truth talk around the devastating results of weight obsession and practical steps you can take to improve your relationship with your body. 

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Melissa Smith (she/her)

Melissa is a registered dietitian helping women ditch yo-yo dieting, make peace with food, connect to intuition and boost body image so that they can live with joyful health. Stop bingeing, stop food obsession and heal your relationship with food/body through my intuitive eating mindset framework.