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May 12, 2021

Mother Wounds and Wild Awakenings Featuring Allie Davis

Mother Wounds and Wild Awakenings Featuring Allie Davis

If we can better understand our mothers, we can better understand ourselves. In todays’ conversation, we’re exploring the complex wounds and rites of motherhood that leave womxn forever changed. My guest, Dr. Allison Davis, offers a fresh perspective on the revolutionary act of motherhood, reconnecting us to its wildness and sacred processes of personal, cultural, and planetary evolution.

"The future relies on the wellness of mothers." Dr. Allison Davis

In this special episode, we get real and raw about the woundings of motherhood and the initiations we traverse on the mother journey in a spiral of becomings. 

This conversation is for those who have a mom, are a mom, or partnered with one. So, I'm looking at you!

For far too long we haven't fully acknowledged or honored the profound and cyclical transformations becoming a mother brings. There's a word for it that's coming back into our lexicon - matrescence. Think adolescence, but for mothers. The psychological, biochemical, social, contextual and spiritual cyclical adjustments womxn make precipitate an entirely reforged identity. And while mothers have changed, they still must exist in a world that has not. A world that objectifies them. 

A mother leaning into wholeness and empowered connection is by nature counter cultural. It's a revolutionary act. 

We joke around here that one of my kids has named me "Birthgiver" in their iPhone. That has been part of my role, at least for my bio children, but Being a mother is so much more than that. So. Much. More. This conversation will stretch your mind and open worlds of possibility. Take a listen, share it with others, and let's talk more about this.

Allie mentions Dr. Aurélie Athan from Columbia who is reviving the term matrescence. Learn more: https://www.matrescence.com/ 

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Allison Davis (she/her)

As a mother, ecotherapist, and counselor educator, Dr. Allison Davis, specializes in supporting mothers during “matrescence”, the developmental transitions of motherhood. Her Rewild Mothering approach to maternal mental wellness, grounded in the natural world, weaves together modern research and ancient wisdom to help mothers root into who they are and who they are becoming. Throughout the perinatal period and beyond, Allison helps mothers grow into the wild guides they envision for themselves, their family, and our planet.