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April 28, 2021

Start Over Strategy Featuring Craig Stanland

Start Over Strategy Featuring Craig Stanland

Today we’re talking about how our past need not define us or limit our future. In fact, our impediments may be the way. I’m joined by Reinvention Architect Craig Stanland and together we share tips, tools and techniques to take a stand for your personal becoming, whether that means conquering self-doubt or making an epic comeback.

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How we choose to tell and interpret our stories – what’s happened to us and what choices we have made – plays an integral role in our lived experience. Part of that storytelling is giving ourselves permission to choose who we are no matter what has happened, no matter what’s in our past. We have the agency to choose who we are and what we will become. Who we’re going to show up and BE.

Because our past need not define us.

In this episode we explore this concept through multiple stories and invite you to consider your own. My guest, Reinvention Architect Craig Stanland, shares his harrowing journey no holds barred from his rock bottom in federal prison to his epic comeback now serving others ready to lead an extraordinary life.

Not only is Craig's story inspiring, he shares practical processes and techniques to own your story and create your best life - even if that means reinvention. We chat about his 3 A's - Accepting Reality, Accepting Responsibility, and Accepting Choice - and how each was critical to his own process of reinvention. And when you listen to the episode and learn about Craig's Marcus Aurelius rib tattoo, I want to know how that lens shifts things for you! 

Episode Resources:

TedTalk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrkG9VQzqIo

Memoir: https://www.craigstanland.com/memoir

What’s your next move? Join the conversation.

Craig Stanland (he/him)Profile Photo

Craig Stanland (he/him)

After hitting rock bottom, Craig Stanland was forced to make a choice: give up or rebuild. He thought he had “it all” until he lost sight of what’s truly important and made the worst decision of his life, losing everything along the way, including his own self-worth. Through the painful, terrifying process of starting over, Craig ultimately discovered that when you have nothing, anything is possible.

Today, Craig is an author, speaker, and Reinvention Architect.