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April 14, 2021

Trigger Intel Featuring Ericka Plater

Trigger Intel Featuring Ericka Plater

In today’s episode we’re talking about triggers – whether they pop up at home, the office, online, or on the highway. Join my guest Ericka Plater and me for news you can use on how you can become less reactive and more magical.

When something triggers us, it's reflex to externalize the drama and pin blame on that person or event that set us off. But the reality is the ignition point is within us.

In this episode, we talk about how to identify emotional triggers and what to do about them. If we allow them to remain in our subconscious you can bet at least some of those knee jerk reactions are going to be regrettable! Not to mention when left unexamined, we're not accessing the gift triggers offer -- intel on areas of focus to level up our life. A trigger may be calling for healing, reframing, a head-on resolution, or potentially blessing and releasing something or someone in your life.

So what do we do when we notice we're being triggered, or when we're reflecting on a situation after it jumped the rails? My guest Ericka Plater, personal growth and career coach, shares her personal experience as well as her coaching expertise in this real talk conversation about working with our triggers. We can wage battle with our triggers, batting them out of the way and blaming others, or we can embrace the wisdom they offer to our experience in service of our growth, in service to facilitating the healing required to really step into our personal power.

Bookmark this one! It's an episode you'll want to return to again and again.

Ericka Plater (she/her)Profile Photo

Ericka Plater (she/her)

Ericka is a seeker of truth and deep understanding of self. She is an avid learner of various healing modalities including a 20+ year Reiki Master and 25+ year business and nonprofit executive leader. She provides life and team coaching as well as nonprofit consulting. She has written articles, spoken at and facilitated conferences and program sessions planting purpose and power along the way.

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Apryl Nichols-Baker (she/her)

Apryl Nichols-Baker fell in love with her personal practice after a long battle with untreated Chronic Lyme Disease. She is no stranger to the mental, physical, and spiritual healing power of yoga. As her personal practice began to deepen, she was inspired to complete a yoga teacher training. Apryl is passionate about the philosophy surrounding the ancient practice and is focused on functional movement of the body to maintain a strong mind+body+spirit connection. Apryl constantly dives into books and continuing- education trainings to learn more about the practice and ways we can inspire others on their wellness journey. She encourages students to come out of the mind and into their bodies. Her goal is to have students walk out of class feeling more grounded, calm, and connected to their true self.